Making Your Own Floor Plan with a Floor Plan Software

By Ilse Hagen

You don't need to go to college and study architecture to design a floor layout – in fact, you don't even need to know how to draw. A floor plan software allows you to become your own interior decorator or “architect,” or simply help you explore your options when planning or designing your home or commercial establishment. A good floor plan software is also a valuable tool for interior decorators and architects because it makes their job a whole lot easier.

What’s in a floor layout software?

A floor plan software usually allows two- or three-dimensional viewing of space layouts, so you can see the top view, side view, and side cross section view. With some advanced floor layout software, you can even print, upload, or send your designs via email and get the opinions and suggestions of others.

The great thing about a floor plan software is that it contains a large database of objects such as windows, doors, tiles, and even furniture, so that you can make your layout as detailed and as realistic as possible. All you need to do is drag and paste the desired object onto the floor area and replace it if you think it doesn't suit the over-all layout.

This software is very addicting especially for first-time homeowners. Dragging and pasting allows you to find the perfect furniture size, wall color, and room flow without ever spending money or ever sweating). Floor lay out software comes in different types, and some are more extensive and detailed than others. Generally, you have a choice between a standard software or a deluxe software.

Types of floor plan software/ More information

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