The Island of Maui

By Linka Po

Maui is the perfect place if you are looking for contact with nature but also social life. "The Magic island" is the perfect combination between luxury and simplicity. At the same place you can find sleepy towns, sunny beaches, funky art galleries or exclusive shops.

The second largest Hawaiian island has tropical climate, temperature and wind speed can vary greatly from one place to other of the island.

You can experience amazing sunrise views at Haleakala Crater, situated 10.023 feet above sea level. Hana Highway, a 55 miles (88km) roadway, offers you a variety of Maui's landscapes, while you arrive to the town of Hana.

Molokini Island is a partially submerged volcano where you can watch humpback whales. Kaanapali area is the best place to watch this enormous animals. Other place where you can get in touch with sea life, is the Maui Ocean Center. At this place you can view different sea species such as fishes, turtles or starfishes.

Hana Bay, a black sand beach, is protected by coral reef and has a circular shape. Hookipa Beach Park is known worldwide for ocean sport activities. The Red Sand Beach, colored red-black sand, is an isolated and very romantic place; nude sunbathing is common at this beach.

Diversity is the main characteristic of The Island of Maui. You can spend your day at Maui beaches and at night you can have a drink at a fancy restaurant. This place is the perfect place for people who likes the big and the small islands activities, all in one. You can have a bit of every island of Hawaii in one island.

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