Defend Yourself With 8 Easy Moves

By Andrew Thomas

Due to the many threats to women today it makes sense for any girl to learn women's self defense tactics. You are all aware of the threats like mugging, theft, assault or even rape. So pickling up some techniques that can make a real difference just makes sense.

1. Use Your Nails. If you are getting attacked, good women self defense tactics that you can learn involve using your nails to slash at the person who is attacking you. If you are getting assaulted, just use your finger nails to slash at their face. Not only does this hurt them, but law enforcement can also use the DNA as evidence.

2. The palm strike. If you want to learn one of the most effective of the women self defense techniques, learn how to use the palm strike. This is where you use the palm of your dominant hand to break an assailant's nose. Thrust your palm upward as you hit the portion of the nose near the nostril as hard as you can. This will cause bleeding and a broken nose, and their eyes will start to water. Once the eyes water, you can run away.

3. Learn to kick. Your legs can be powerful. That's why another great tactic amongst the women self defense techniques is to use them to kick various places on your attacker's body such as the shin, knee, and groin. The idea is to kick with as much force as you can so they are too injured to fight back.

4. Defend against choking. This is just one of the women self defense techniques you can use if you are getting choked from the front. If your arms are free, use your dominant hand to reach for the soft spot underneath their Adam's apple and above their sternum. Using your strongest hand you can press your pointer finger and middle finger in the soft part of their neck underneath the Adam's apple. Once they realize that they're getting choked as well, they may loosen their grip on you. They'll be surprised and may let go of you. Use this opportunity to kick them so you can flee.

5. Use your environment. When it comes to women self defense techniques, think about the objects that are around you that you can use. An example of this is if you are being attacked and see a rock, grab it and punch at the attacker. This is not always a good idea, however. Sometimes you're better off to simply flee.

6. The elbow strike. The elbow is pretty strong and can be used for some women self defense techniques. If you're close enough to your assailant and your elbow is free, you can use it to strike. Your best bet is to aim for spots on their neck, face, or you can use the elbow to break their ribs.

7. Disable and run. Remember, the goal of any of the women self defense techniques is to disable your assailant so you can run away. It is important to keep in mind that the goal of any of the women self defense techniques is that you need to be able to run away. So, if a groin kick leaves them rolling on the ground, use that opportunity to run for safety instead of stick around and kick them more.

8. Weapons defense. Some of the potential situations you may get in will be with an attacker who has a gun, knife, or other weapon. Learn some women self defense techniques that will help you defend yourself or disarm your opponent. It is a good idea to take a course in this case.

Learning about women self defense techniques can save your life and keep you safe. Awareness is the first step. The next thing you need to do after awareness is to know the tactics required to defend against a potential attack.

Easy and effective ladies self defense for you

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