A Big Step Up in the World - Getting Ready for His Big Boy Bed

By Joann Means

He's no infant anymore. He's toddling around now and outgrowing clothes faster than you can acquire them. Your little boy is growing up into quite the big boy now, and that means it will soon be time to move him from his crib to a big boy bed. How best to make that transition in a way that's most comfortable, supportive, nurturing, and above all effective is the subject of this article.

One of the easiest ways to help your little boy have a smooth transition from a crib to a big boy's bed is to give him a bed that he can be excited about moving into (and up to). This is where a custom theme bed can provide great aid. If your little boy may have been emotionally attached to his crib, his feelings could easily change when he sees the alternative - a custom theme bed in the shape of some object of his wildest dreams.

A custom theme bed in the shape of a vehicle, for example - a boat bed, a train bed, a race car bed, or an airplane bed - will give the right little boy a one-way ticket to ride. A custom boy's castle bed will make him feel like king of his castle. If he has dreams of jungle safaris, wild animals, and life in the wild, then he'll go ape for a custom tree house bed. If he has dreams of setting sail on the Jolly Roger and searching for sunken treasure he may want a pirate ship bed.

Surely you're starting to get the idea. Simply tap into your little boy's fondest interest and have a custom children's bed maker design and build him a big boy bed inspired by that theme and he'll be naturally drawn to it, compelled to leave his crib behind in exchange for this awesome new vision of his fantasies made real.

If you wish, you can keep his bedding the same for a while, to give him the comforting feeling of some sort of continuity in the transition. Or you can have brand new custom bedding designed to match the theme of his big boy bed. Which option is best depends really on the child.

And because safety is always a concern for any parent, whatever their child's age, a custom theme bed built as a transitional bed for your child can also have protective railings, safety gates that latch from the outside, and other safety measures built into the design in a way that blends into the theme.

For example, a car or train bed can have an actual door keeping him in at night. Similarly a castle bed can have a gate or a drawbridge serving the same purpose, helping not only your little boy to stay safely in bed through the night, but giving you the security and peace of mind that helps you sleep through the night as well.

Expert interior designer Joann Means creates custom theme beds that are as appealing to a parent's need for safety as they are appealing to children's sensibilities. At Sweet Dream Children's Interiors http://www.sweetdreambed.com she and her husband Johnny Means have built a bevy of custom theme beds for young kids of any age, including those to be used as transitional beds for toddlers ready to make the switch from their cribs to big boy's and big girl's beds.

Peruse the galleries at Sweet Dream Children's Interiors http://www.sweetdreambed.com and see just how they've masterfully blended form and function, practicality and fantasy, into custom theme beds that delight both parent and child alike. Then contact the Means and see what they can do for you and your little one. Big transitions like this one don't have to be traumatic periods in a child's life. With the Means' creations, in fact, they can be times of revelation, and personal empowerment, joy and delight.

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