Peanuts Just Beneath The Surface

By Margaret Norton

Today was the first warm day in many months. I decided it would be the ideal time to clean my flower beds. Usually I do this at the end of the fall season or early winter, but this year it just didn't get done. Gardening has always been therapeutic for me. When I'm outside planting seeds or pulling weeds, I am totally consumed with what I am doing. My troubles temporarily float away as I connect with God's wonderful creation.

The most rewarding part of gardening for me is to plant a seed or bulb. Months later, as they poke their heads from the soil, I feel as if I've created something beautiful. Tulips are my favorite. Each side of my house has different type flowers planted. That way I can enjoy a variety of plants for almost nine months out of the year.

In addition to the perennials which come back each year, I have flower pots scattered throughout my yard. These are for my annuals. Bright purple petunias are my favorite. They remind me of the quote from the movie The Color Purple, "God gets pissed off when you don't notice the color purple." When possible I recycle the soil to save money. I leave the old soil in the pot and each year place new soil on top of that. I make sure to surround the flower with new soil and fertilizer. At the end of each season, I remove the dead plants and prepare the pots for the next time.

I've been doing this for awhile. Once I've removed the dead plants nothing else grows there until I put in something new. Imagine my surprise today when I discovered peanuts growing in my pots! I didn't just find one peanut but I found a lot of peanuts. They were fully developed and edible. I thought back to when I was a child living in the country. Sometimes I'd walk to my neighbor's field and pull peanuts from a bush. Or was that just my memory fooling me?

I can only assume that somehow peanut seeds were in my flower pot. I'm not even sure they grow from seeds. As I harvested these unexpected jewels my spirit was encouraged. Expect the unexpected. Miracles do happen. Believe. I know that when I put petunias in my pot they will grow and bloom. But I did not know that peanuts were growing beneath the flowers. It was as if God was telling me that all things are possible if I just look beneath the surface.

I am a personal life coach, writer and speaker. As the owner of Life Transitions, I specialize in helping the abused rebuild their lives.

I am passionate about women's issues and especially enjoy helping them develop their full potential. Life gives us many chances to start over again, like a cat with nine lives.

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