The Truth About Credit Repair

By Jada Thomas

Credit, if you're not a "cash & carry" individual, is one of the best assets to your personal profile. It can work for you or against you depending on how responsible you are or how irresponsible the credit bureaus and your creditors are (perhaps a little combo of both). One of the most fatal fallacies that has impregnated and plagued the minds of consumers world-wide is that blemished credit cannot be corrected.

Besides the obvious seeds of fear, the credit bureaus have seemingly black-balled the novice credit repair community with half truth's and served the have nots (in knowledge that is) a fresh hot platter of discouragement as a token of their appreciation. There are cases where consumer's have succeeded at the D.Y.S. approach but the overwhelming number of failures exceedingly surpass the victors. We all have to have the wisdom to know when something is beyond our expertise or time. I do ok when I try to style my hair myself but I prefer a professional to my own moderate skill anytime.

The credit bureaus and some of the governmental agencies that oversee them (the credit bureaus are not government entities and are all listed on the N.Y.S.E.), have put out strict communications warning consumers about credit repair companies. They speak of scams and emphasize that it can be done yourself. While it's true that scams exist in the credit repair industry (as in all industries), the casual notion that consumer's are able to easily "do it themselves" speaks volumes to the deceptive practices at the bureaus. A simple Google search about lawsuits against the credit bureaus more than justifies this point.

Simply put, they meet their payroll by collecting and selling your information to subscribers world-wide. Thus reviewing and correcting your credit file becomes more of a nuisance to them than providing the quality that the law binds them to maintain. Your lack of knowledge becomes their leverage and you're ultimately forced into "statutory prison" for 7-10 years provided that you can avoid bankruptcy and serve your term. What's worse is that the day you think you'll be free from that awful blemish you're likely to find out that it stays on your credit report 7-10 years "from the last date of activity". Which means, if you've made any payments to those particular accounts, made adjustments or updates, the item will off 7-10 years from that date.

So a person can have a collection account from 2001 that's due to fall off sometime in 2008, make a payment or payoff the account in 2008, and have that account show on their credit file until 2015. Where is the fair in that?

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