Online Social Networks are Dangerous to Freedom - Play at Your Own Risk

By Lance Winslow

Whether an online social network is designed for business networking or fun socializing there are some things you need to be aware of. These networks reward an individual for compliance of behavior acceptable to the mob. Small clicks form, which soon turn into groups of pecking order and each group moves to force their will onto the larger group. Then there are disruptors, natural leaders, influencers and followers, indeed also a few unreasonable men. There are victims and villains, referees and attackers; and your experience can take you from emotional highs to thoughts questioning your strength of character.

All of this can occur for the participant in an online social network, a fake world of one's and zero's augmenting your reality in the here and now. As you experiment with these online social networks, you will see representations of both the best and worst of humanity, under the creative auspice of a so-called: "community" of other participants just like you, most real, but a few digital apparitions.

Either way you are there by choice and you can leave by choice. However, if you leave you miss a newly created part of you. Is it an addiction, or is it an innate need that is being satisfied by the digital online social networking platform? Humans have social needs; they are social creatures, after all. Yet the other side humanity is also ever present in online social networks, as much or even more so than within a troop of chimpanzees acting out in Primate Politics. And for all this, you are still so proud of yourself for your online social networking, and that my friends is the kicker.

You give up self, to participate in a fake world, where the political correctness of the mob eventually controls your every move, always waiting for a scrap of praise, or a reward signifying that you have complied in pleasing others. These others, who in turn give you false praise or condemnation in order to propel them selves up the social hierarchy ladder; all the while somehow forgetting that none of it is real. Whether you stay or you go, you are giving up self in the social "politically correct training" that these social networks are part. This digitized virtual reality pollutes your mind, steals your freedom and turns you into nothing more than a follower of the mindless mob - To this you aspire?

Have a wonderful Blogging Day, get yourself a drink, as there is no need to thank me for making you think.

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