How To Clean a Headstone, Tombstone or Gravestone

By Kendrick Lester

A headstone, tombstone or gravestone is a permanent marker, normally carved from stone or metal, placed over or next to the site of a burial in a cemetery or elsewhere. These stones are meant to stand as a memorial for the ones whose name are carved upon them.

Although the stone or metal used to create the marker will last a long time. Years of debris and other buildup can leave them looking dull and lead to quicker decay. Some of these stones can be very old, but most all of them can be cleaned by you for little cost. Chances are you have all of the needed supplies in your home right now. If not the supplies needed can easily be found at any hardware store.

What supplies will I need to clean my tombstones? Well this all depends on what type of material the headstone is made of. For instance a marble headstone is more delicate than a granite headstone and will be sensitive to acidic cleaners. Wire brushes can be used on some stones but not others, certainly never used on a bronze metal grave marker. For more information on cleaning different types of stone or metal visit the website below.

Once you have determined what the tombstone is made of then you can pack up the supplies needed and head to the cemetery. I recommend always checking in with the management to let them know what you will be doing. Also, a sure them that you will not be using any chemicals that will kill the grass or vegetation, and that you will be picking up all debris and trash.

Once a headstone is cleaned it will stay that way for quite some time. Even longer if it is a type of stone that will allow for a coat of sealant. However, I do recommend that you should clean your tombstone's once a year to keep them looking good and maintained.

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