Relief From Stress - Just Change Your Mind

By Michael Pollak

It all started when I changed my mind. What do you mean, you ask? Relief from stress is what started. Well, life can be full of hardships, difficulties, trials, and really bad stuff. Why should you be happy through it? I'll tell you why. The only true way to make it through trial after trial after trial is... focus. What kind of focus? Focus on what it is you truly desire the most; your vision for your life. In this case you want relief from stress.

Now that I've got your attention, listen to this. People experience stress in their life, of course. How do we get relief from stress? There are many tips, strategies, programs, potions and all sorts of things. You know what? A lot of things work to give you relief from stress. You can get information from just about anywhere and if you tried it, it would work. Then, what really is the solution. Nothing will work unless you are focused on your desired outcome.

I have a lot of proven ideas on managing your life to get relief from stress. I can give all of them to you. That's not a problem. The problem is; how do you make these solutions work in your own life? If you have never done something before there is always a feeling of nervousness, doubt, or worry. Maybe we won't be able to do it.

You might feel this way even if I hand you the step by step proven method to get want you want. A very successful person named, Joshua Shafran related a great illustration for this. I'll paraphrase. You are confronted by a mine field and you have to get across it. I, having successfully crossed this mine field numerous times, created a map that accurately marks every mine. If you follow this map you will make it across the mine field successfully.

I know what you're thinking. But this is making me stressed out just thinking about it. How is this relief from stress? Let's keep going and you'll see. Even though you may have complete trust in me and the map, you may very well be worried that you'll never make it across. Why? You have never done it before. Everyone comes up against things for the first time in their life all the time. How do we deal with it? By changing your mind.

Just because you have the right tools doesn't mean you can successfully cross the mine field. You need to believe in yourself. It takes focus. Focusing on what you are doing. How does this help you get relief from stress? We all have habits. We do things out of habit because we don't stop and consciously think about what we are doing. We just react. This is how habits lead our lives and we're just along for the ride sometimes. When we are focused on making decisions based on our vision for our life, we are empowered. Empowered to overcome habits and circumstances.

You see, circumstances do not control us. Though, sometimes we think they do. There is great power in making decisions based on our vision for our life instead of making decisions based on our circumstances. If we make choices solely based on our circumstances, we never improve.
Think about that. Do you want to improve? Do you want a better life for you, for your family? I know you do.

Here's how all this relates to relief from stress. I can tell you that you should make a habit of planning for each day and making your priorities the things that you really need. This will help you to avoid feeling like you can never accomplish what needs to get done in a day. Feeling like this can be a source of great stress. Just hearing this is not going to change your life or make you happier. Sure, you might feel good while you read it. But, after you're done and you get back to your life, you still have the stress.

Take this challenge and you will soon be in control of your life and not a passenger driven by your circumstances. When you have a decision to make, stop and think. Am I making this decision based on my vision for my life or based on my circumstances? When you are focused and determined to succeed no matter what powerful things happen. You find yourself looking for evidences that you really can do it. You know what else happens? You actually start to think differently. You start focusing on getting it done and all of a sudden you are. You are doing it!

Let's review a little. How do you get relief from stress? You need information, tips, strategies, and products. But, it is what you do with them that makes the difference; deciding to focus on getting relief from stress no matter what. If you decide right now that you will do whatever it takes to reach your vision, nothing can stop you. If you don't believe that, then you will never succeed. Success doesn't just happen by chance. You need to change your mind and start focusing on what you really want.

Try the challenge for a few weeks. Soon you will find that you are not living by those old habits anymore. You will find that you are taking the information you need to get relief from stress and putting it into action. You will make choices based on what will actually get you the relief from stress.
Too many people focus on bullet points. What are the tips? What are the strategies? What are the products? You need those things; however, these things are not going to improve your life if you are not focused on making it happen no matter what.

I know that you are trying hard in life to do your best. I know you are doing good. Take the concept we've discussed today and put it to use for you. When I decided that this is how I was going to live my life, my whole attitude changed. I see the end, where I want to be and I choose to do whatever it takes to get there. I truly feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted off of me. Life is good. Stress does not have to crush us. Relief from stress starts when you search for the knowledge and then live it. You will only experience happiness and joy.

Sincerely, Michael Pollak

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