House Design in Perth

By Jacqueline Hars

House Design in Perth has been reflecting a worldwide trend towards sustainability and environmental awareness in general. In recent times new regulations have been passed, particularly with regard to water wise items, which will reduce our environmental impact on the land and our precious water reserves.

Many of the environmentally friendly initiatives have had government rebates provided as an incentive to purchase them. For many of these appliances consumers also receive the benefit of reduced running costs further down the track, thereby making the initial outlay for purchasing them not quite so formidable.

House design in Perth has also had a huge emphasis on outdoor areas. Many people are choosing to have a covered alfresco area, usually as part of the main roof, and using it as an extension of their living space. Indeed these areas can be furnished and decorated as creatively as the indoors. The use of all weather blinds for these areas help protect from weather and therefore make them a viable living space for most of the year.

Perth has a very Mediterranean climate and it is important that the weather be taken into consideration when designing a house. Eaves overhanging, for the afternoon sun, are just one example of this, as is trying to build your living areas to take advantage of Northerly sun in Winter months. This will warm up your living areas when they need it and save you on heating bills.

Of course not all blocks of land or floor plans will necessarily lend themselves to the "ideal" position. This is where it pays to get expert help to see what can be done. Sometimes it can be as simple as flipping a floor plan. Remember too that those professionals who you choose to help you do this sort of thing every day and will be aware of many ways you can achieve a better design for your ideal house space. The pay off for employing these people is cheaper costs on items such as electricity, for years to come.

As a result of the resources boom in Western Australia the building industry has been furiously working to keep up with the demand that has been created. There are many innovative designs and designers working to provide "dream" homes for clients. Apartments and building on small blocks has been a huge growth area and designers have risen to the challenge to provide all the comforts required as well as addressing environmental issues.

Housing design in Perth has certainly proven it can keep up with the trends as well as taking care of our environment in the process.

Jacqueline Hars is an interior designer in Perth, Western Australia. She is known for creating the "wow" factor for her clients.

She also has an intimate knowledge of where to source the best product and good tradesmen. With this knowledge she can save her clients around 10% on a typical project, and yet Jacqueline's fees are only about 5% of the project cost.

By engaging Jacqueline, her clients get a stunning result cheaper than if they did it themselves. Click the link for Jacqueline's free report on Perth Interior Design.

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