Disney's Magic Kingdom Orlando Florida

By Steve Sewell

No matter how old you are, this place will enchant you from the moment you enter Disney World property. As you drive toward the transportation and ticketing center, along Disney's highways, you see Mickey Mouse on the road signs. At first just his gloves over the top of the sign and as you get closer more and more of him is revealed.

You have to go to the Transportation and Ticketing center to get to the Magic Kingdom, either by ferry across the Seven Seas Lagoon or by Monorail. I always find it quicker to go to MK by Monorail and return by ferry as it carries more passengers. This would only really apply if you left the park when either the park closes or a Firework Display has finished. You can also get the monorail to EPCOT from here if you wished.

This is the first time you will get a glimpse of Cinderellas Castle. It sends a tingle down your spine and I have had grown men say "It brought a lump to my throat". It never does it again, just that first time. Once you arrive at MK you then need to queue (Get in Line) for security and the turnstiles for admission.

On entering MK the first place you come across is Main Street USA. Main Street is designed, through forced perspective, to look as if it's much longer than it is when you're walking towards the castle. In the mornings, you are all excited and have the energy to walk. When you're walking away from the castle towards the exit, it looks shorter. Also, it is believed that most people walk on the right side of the street, so, all the food shops are on the right as you enter for those wanting breakfast, while the shops are on your right on the way out! When you are coming out, all the shops on your right have gifts and souvenirs. Towering in the distance is Cinderella's Castle in all it's glory. This is where everyone gets to grab that first photo opportunity. There are also Disney photographers on hand to take your picture.

If you have arrived early, just as the park has opened it may be a good idea to go right through to the back and go on those rides first as most people will work there way to the furthest point visiting rides and attractions as they go. Some of the attractions for older guests are there too, such as, Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. A tip if there is a bit of a wait for both these rides, take a fast pass for one and queue for the other. Normally by the time you have done one ride it will be about time to ride the next one. A thing to note about fast passes, you can only use one fast pass at a time. So if you get a fast pass for a ride that says you should return between 10:00 and 12:00 you can't get another fast pass till after 10:00.

Try and avoid EMH (Extra Magic Hours) unless of course you are staying on a Disney property, this is when the park opens earlier and closes later for Disney Guests. The parks tend to be more full on these days.

The day time parade starts around 3pm and the sidewalks tend to get busy 1 to 2 hours prior to that. It does get very congested and it is difficult to cross the parade routes around that time too.
One other tip, if it is your birthday, anniversary or your first time visiting call at guest relations and tell them they will give you a badge and listen to the cast members say "Happy birthday Steve" or "How are you enjoying your first Visit Steve?"

MK can be one of the busier parks in Orlando but is well worth the visit. I wont go into all the rides that they have there you can find information about those sort of things quite easily. Try http://www.perfectfloridavillas.com/main/orlando-guide.aspx

Steve Sewell is a Orlando Villa owner and is part owner of http://www.perfectfloridavillas.com and also owns the informational guide website http://www.perfectfloridaguide.com he has been traveling to Florida for the past 16 years and has built up a wealth of knowledge.

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