The Melting Belt Of The Antarctic

By Jason Witt

When you receive the Seal you will see climate change as the End of the world coming. You will be interested in the discovery that the West Antarctic is melting much faster than it has for thousands of years.

When the glaciers melt, they leave behind rocks. Rocks the size of soccer balls are showing scientists just when the glaciers retreated. It is one of the only ways to measure the melting since the area is quite inaccessible. When the rocks are exposed by the retreat of the glaciers, cosmic rays bombard the rocks and certain elements are created in the rocks that can be analyzed in a laboratory. This shows how long the rocks have been hit by the cosmic rays.

And that shows how long the rocks have been exposed instead of locked in the ice. The glaciers have been retreating for a long time. In the past 5,000 years they have melted at the rate of 2-4 centimeters per year depending on which glaciers are measured. The Pine Island glacier has been melting at over 4 feet (1.6 meters) per year since the 1990s when the measurements began. This is much more than the 4 cm per year it melted for the past 5,000 years.

The Amundsen Sea Embayment is on the edge of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. The bedrock beneath the ice is below sea level and that means much less melting is needed for the ice to slide off into warmer waters and melt quickly.

So scientists think it may be unstable and if it did melt soon it would cause a rise in sea levels around the world at 1.5 meters, or over 4 feet. When will this happen? Scientists do not know.
But they do know that sea level rises might be even more than projected. The scientists do not stand alone in predicting the widespread catastrophe of sea level rises. Jesus predicted the End of the world too. He taught the parable of the fig tree: when the fig tree blossoms you know that summer is near.

That "summer" is the Way Jesus described the End of the world. And now the scientists agree the End of the world is coming like a summer. Each year the other seasons become a little more like summer.

The fig tree is blossoming. Summer is approaching. But Jesus also predicted the End would come with flooding. He said the End would be like the days of Noah, when the flood destroyed everything else in the world except what Noah had saved in his ark. In the days of Noah people were not listening to the warnings about the coming flood. They did not care. They were going about their lives as usual. But most of them were dishonoring God.

And God changed His Mind. He was sorry He had created people. So He wanted to destroy them. This is not quite happening today. God promised never to destroy the world again. And today it is not God destroying the world.

Today people are causing global warming. Greenhouse gases from burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas) are heating up the world like a greenhouse traps in heat of the sun but does not let it escape. The End is coming because of the activity of people. God is not causing the coming catastrophes. He will be saving His chosen people from the coming tribulation.

When you are sealed you will get much closer to God. God will save you from the coming troubles of climate change. You will have an eternal home in Heaven much better than a temporary home on this earth when you receive the Seal.

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Jason Witt

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