DIRECTV or Dish Network - Which is Best For You?

By Whitney Alen

Most of us have found the benefits of satellite television. Cable providers are expensive, their range limited and, let's face it; their programming is less than it should be. Ditto for air to ground TV (do people still watch that?). So, that leaves hungry TV viewers with the only viable option: satellite television providers. There are two providers of note, two powerhouse corporations battling for supremacy and prominence on your TV. Which should you choose, though, DirecTV or Dish Network?

The answer to that depends on your particular needs. Both satellite providers offer wide coverage, both providers offer DVRs and HD TV programming. So, which is better? Which one will fill that empty, dark television screen with sports action, drama and comedy? Who should you choose to fill your home with the "life" that only television can provide?

To start off let's establish that the technology behind providing digital broadcasting and delivering a solid product is fairly even between the two. Both providers offer great deals with the exception of their exclusive programming. They are both arguably better then the cable providers in terms of depth of programming options, technology and value.

So let's compare DirecTV to Dish Network shall we? Let's consider the contenders. In this corner, we have the still reigning, heavy weight champ, DirecTV. This company is the largest, both in terms of channels offered and in number of subscribers. Almost 300 channels of television programming are offered through DirecTV and over 90 HD channels. In addition, you have your choice of DVR platform. The Plus HD DVR is one of the most innovative devices out there right now and can even be made to work in tandem with your PC, storing and playing music and pictures from your hard drive.

In the other corner, we have the challenger, the "underdog" if you will. Dish Network is younger than DirecTV, with fewer channels and fewer subscribers. In many senses of the word, they are "less" than the competition. Dish Network, however, is the fastest growing satellite provider in the nation. They currently offer far fewer channels (both standard definition and HD) than their competitor does, but will that change? Dish Network is definitely making strides to keep up with heightened hardware deals. Should you bank on the underdog simply because they are the underdog?

While this might work well in sports, horseracing and boxing, it probably isn't a good idea where your television programming is concerned. Just because Dish Network has more potential, more growth opportunities, that doesn't mean that they are the best choice for your home. Why, you ask? Why subject yourself to a lower quality offering simply because they may or may not be the winner in years to come? DirecTV offers the best range of channels, the best HD programming and the best options where DVRs are concerned. In addition, DirecTV boasts far more exclusive programming, from insanely popular sports packages, such as NFLN (NFL Network) to March Madness coverage.

The benefits to DirecTV don't stop there, though. They offer more channel packages, a la carte programming for those "special" situations and the most forthcoming packages (case in point:
The MTN. coverage coming this fall). So, we have established who beats out the competition in every sense but growth potential. Even that is simply a numbers game, though. Growth is not necessarily indicative of true potential or even quality programming for that matter.

Whitney Alen is a DIRECTV expert and has over 10 years experience in the satellite Television industry.

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