The Secret To Success in Internet Marketing - Or Why You Might Not Be Successful

By David L Paul

Once again the ugly question has been posed to me from a would be internet millionaire- what is the real "trick" to making money. This was asked after I had just spent two whole days trying to impart information about websites and why you need one, getting traffic to your site, converting traffic into sales, and so on. I has frustrated me for years that the folks I try to help never seem to listen to what I am trying to tell them- instead they are always waiting for the "real secret", you know, the one that doesn't require education, experience, and hard work. Believe me, I've been looking for years, and there isn't any shortcut to success. Problem is, there are so many marketers and their minions screaming to the top of their lungs that you can "passively generate millions of dollars on autopilot" or "make 7,777 dollars a week while you walk the dog".

The noise that they generate makes my attempts at bringing reason to the mix sound like a whisper in a hurricane! But like a fool I keep trying. Why? Because I see the damage that is done every single day. I know it isn't what the average marketer wants to hear, but barring a few exceptions, you are going to have to work hard, be consistent, and probably spend considerable time before you will ever see any significant amount of money. I didn't make what I consider to be a living wage until my third year online. Now I will grant you that if I had to start all over again it would not take as long because I know how to do it now. The nature of the internet is one of hype, and almost always what you hear is either blown way out of proportion, or simply being repeated over and over by other marketers trying to jump on the easy money bandwagon.I know that many of you that read these words have experienced what I am talking about, and many of you still believe that there is easy money to be made with little or no work.

I would never want to try and discourage anyone from learning the hard way, so I won't spend a lot of time trying to dissuade you. Well, having said all of this, I want to talk about some good things, too. The internet is the only place that you can open a business for little or even no money. You can't even compare it to what it would take to open a brick and mortar business.
I've done that, and it takes a whole lot more time and work to get into the black, and then you still have to struggle to keep it up. Frankly, I never want to do it again! Another thing about the internet is that it enables communication and associations that would be very difficult or even impossible in the non-virtual world. And on top of all that, there really is good money to be made on the web. And let me boldly state that I have cracked the money making code! Just kidding.
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David Paul has been active in internet marketing for over ten years, with his focus on affiliate marketing, branding, and teaching marketing principles to sub affiliates. Before going into business for himself full time on the web, he spen7 years with a marketing data firm that provided information to major internet and software companies. You can find his portal site for internet marketers at

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