The Stationary Recumbent Exercise Bike Gives The Best Aerobic Workout

By Robin OBrien

The stationary recumbent exercise bike is becoming more and more popular as real people are discovering its comfort and cardiovascular benefits. Upright bikes can give you a sore bottom, painful wrists and lower back; treadmills are high-impact, causing painful joints; and you can fall off an elliptical trainer. If you want safe, comfortable and low-impact, go recumbent.

Uprights have been around for years but it's only recently that the stationary recumbent exercise bike has become popular. This is surprising as it's been known for years that road models are more comfortable and faster; in 1938, a Frenchman, called Francis Faure, became the first cyclist to exceed 30 miles in one hour - a record that stood until 1984 when the record was finally beaten using an upright with special aerodynamic disc wheels in the thin air of Mexico City.

So, why haven't we seen the recumbent exercise bike until recently? The answer is probably complacency and because the industry was obsessed with the bike instead of the user.
Thankfully, things are changing as now more emphasis in placed on the benefits of the cyclist rather than the bike.

And recumbents aren't just a passing fad; they're here to stay. The real benefits enjoyed by real people will see to that. Fact: most people who use a stationary exercise bike aren't the well-toned, young athletes we see in the ads but real people who are getting on in years, or have never exercised before, or who are over weight, or have physical limitations. Cycling in a reclined position while seated in a chair is more beneficial for most people.

When cycling on a recumbent you don't get saddle sore. Even the best seats on the best upright get to be uncomfortable after a little while. Also, as head and feet are more in-line it helps to keep blood pressure low, ensuring a safer overall workout. You can also good bye to sore or numb wrist and fingers like you do on an upright. It is more comfortable for those who suffer from lower back pains as the back of the chair provides support.

The recumbent stationary exercise bike is also more ergonomic than its upright counterpart. It's been found that people who use a recumbent get a gentler, longer workout, which is the best form of cardiovascular exercise for the majority of people.

A recumbent bike is one of the safest pieces of gym kit to use; you can slip and fall off a treadmill; you can loose your balance and fall on an elliptical trainer; you can even fall off an upright bike, but your chances of falling out of a chair in a reclined position are minimal.

One last point: a recumbent works the gluteal muscles (buttocks) more than an upright, so by using one regularly you'll get that perfect pert butt.

If you are thinking of buying a piece of exercise equipment and aren't sure which offers the best in terms of comfort, safety and cardiovascular workout, then get yourself a recumbent stationary exercise bike. You won't be sorry you did.

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