Girl Birthday Party Theme - The Things You Need

By Tim Lee

The first step in hosting a wonderful girl birthday party is deciding what theme to use. This should not be a problem since Princess party theme is very popular among little girls. But if you have already had it last year and don't want to use the same theme again, there are other equally popular themes you can use. Such themes are based on the popular children television series, cartoon characters, children's books, and toys for girls.

Ask your daughter what theme she wants for her birthday. It makes your task easier if your girl is involved in the planning. Not only will she experience a birthday she really wants, it also makes her motivated and passionate about her up coming birthday party.

Once you have decided on a theme, it is now time to prepare the details.

Start with the invitation. You have two choices: buy commercially-made birthday party invitations or make your own invitations. Commercially available invitation makes your task less stressful but home-made or customized invitation is great if you really want to make it unique. If you choose to make your own invitation, use pink or pastel color cardstock.

Then, decide on the decorations to use. Popular colors for a girl birthday party include pink, lavender, white, gold, light green yellow, sky blue, and other pastel colors. Choose a primary color or two primary colors. Pink and lavender go well together while light green and sky blue can compliment one another. Try out other color combinations that can be used for your decorations.

What about the party cake? It is the centerpiece of any kid's birthday party. Make or order a sheet cake using colors that will compliment the overall theme of the party. Figurines of princesses or cartoon characters on top the cake complete the theme you want to achieve.

Deciding how long the party will last should be your next concern. For little girls an hour of activities should be enough. For older girls, 2 to 3 hours is ideal. Now, think of activities that can fill the party hours. Individual and team games that are in line with the theme of the party are recommended but the good old party games still work. Simon Sez, limbo, dancing, Trip to Jerusalem, spud and hot potato are some of the games you can use for the party.

Using a theme for your girl's birthday party is a great way to tie together all the elements of the celebration. In most cases, local and online party store will have a complete set of party needs that match your chosen theme.

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