Is Paris Really The Most Romantic City In The World?

By Amy Graybeal

This week's poll asked our community what type of location they would prefer for a romantic getaway. The results beg the question: is Paris really the most romantic city in the world?

47% said they would prefer a beach getaway. Mountains and countryside locations tied for second place at 21% each. And finally, tourist cities brought up the rear at 11%. While Paris may be considered the city of love, our users say they prefer a beach vacation over a tourist city. So what are couples looking for in a romantic vacation?

Couples are looking for time away from the hectic lives they live. They're looking to reconnect. They want to refocus to what matters in life - and that's love.

Beaches and other low stress surroundings like mountains and countryside help set the tone for a romantic getaway focused on each other - not sightseeing, schedules, and obligations.

But regardless of location, any vacation can be romantic. Here are some planning tips to help kindle the romance on your next vacation:

1. Make the journey comfortable. There's nothing worse than starting a vacation with stress and bad tempers. Try to mitigate as many unpleasant travel issues as possible. If you're traveling by air, try packing warm socks, blankets, pillows, Tylenol, snacks, and any other comfort item you can get past security.

2. Leave some unplanned time in your schedule. Don't plan out the vacation like a work schedule. Leave time for items of interest or just to lounge around. Romantic vacations should be about connecting with your partner so leave some empty time to do just that!

3. Plan a surprise romantic treat. Many hotels these days offer some type of romantic offering whether it be turndown service, spa treatments, flowers in the room, or just Champagne and strawberries. Plan a special romantic surprise upon arrival to set a nice romantic tone for the vacation.

4. Adjust your frame of mind. Before you even leave the house, get into the right frame of mind. Make reconnecting your central thought and loving your partner your central feeling. If you're not going to be open, honest, loving, caring, thoughtful, happy - it really defeats the purpose of going.

Amy is the Founder & President of Magic of Romance, Inc

Magic of Romance features free romantic ideas, travel for lovers, and advice on relationships. She attended the Business School at Georgia Tech. She currently resides in Sandy Springs. She enjoys discovering new travel destinations, reading new books with a good cup of coffee, and watching movies.

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