Dreaming Of A New Banjo

By Bryan Dix

I have one banjo and having just the one, I can't help but to want one more. I wouldn't get rid of the one that I have now though. It was my first one, a gift from my wife, and it has an awful lot of sentimental value.

It came from a pawn shop and was a Christmas gift. It plays really good but looks kind of used. I don't get to play out in public or even with a band because I am no where near good enough for that yet so it isn't like I really need to upgrade for the sake of image or anything. I just want one.

I have had my eyes on the Gibson line of banjos but I have to keep my dreams realistic. Wait a minute, it's dreaming and in dreaming you can dream as big as you want to. Okay then, I want to get a Gibson Granada Hearts and Flowers model. It is one gorgeous instrument. I also love the Gibson Earl Scruggs models and the J.D. Crowe as well but there is something that really gets me about the Hearts and Flowers model.

Now if I can wake up from this dream for just a second, and the $5500.00 price tag on the Hearts and Flowers Gibson, I will make some more achievable plans for another quality banjo that is more attainable with my finances.

I think I would probably like to have a Fender or a Deering banjo. They both have really nice instruments and their price range is from around $500.00 and up. That is way better than $5500.00 for little old me.

Now since I am not fit for public consumption yet,(my playing I mean) I am not going to rush out and buy a new banjo yet but if I find myself in the very rare situation of having a little extra money in my pocket, I will probably be very tempted to drop some money on a new banjo. Fender has several models like the FB 59 that is around $900.00 and is very nice. It has a rose wood finger board with beautiful mother of pearl inlay.

A lot of banjos do have mother of pearl inlay in the finger board but the one I have now only has the little round dots and it has one star on the fifth fret which looks okay but I want my next one to be mor ornate. Also gold trim would be nice. The FB 59 has that.

Well, I'm going to dream till I can make it happen.

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