How a Diamond Should Be Cleaned

By Thomas N

A diamond engagement ring is a symbol of love, devotion and a promise of a marriage and happiness. And it also probably one of the most memorable moments in someone's life
the sparkle of the diamond will take your breath away after viewing your engagement ring for the first time and the many times afterwards. An engagement ring is something that will be worn for many many years and possible handed down to the next generation. So keeping it clean and free from scratches is a must.

Because your engagement ring will be worn everyday products such as hair styling sprays, hand lotions and other house hold products can cause the sparkle to fade and the ring its self look dull so it's best that you keep the ring away from these products as much as you can. Over time you may find that gunk and grime will build up behind the diamond making it look dirty and unattractive but don't worry it can be cleaned. right from the comfort of your own home.

Although diamonds are one of the hardest substances known to man they are often coated in a special substance to protect them and keep their shine, Using abrasive substances and by brushing the diamond with something coarse could potentially remove this protective coating making the ring more susceptible to dirt and grime.

You may find there are many products you can buy to clean your diamond engagement ring however this is not always needed. Although most of these products are cheap why waste money on them if you got other products that do the same thing laying around the house.

Steps on Cleaning

First remove the ring from your finger find a small bowl and fill it with warm water and some mild dish washing liquid, place your diamond ring in the solution and leave to soak for a few minutes, 2-3 minutes should be fine, but if using a not detergent soap you should let the ring soak for 10 minutes.

Remove the ring from the water solution and use a very soft brush to gently remove and dirt that is visible. Never use something that hard bristles as this can damage and scratch the ring setting, I find babies toothbrush works fine as the bristles are soft and the head is small enough to get into tight cracks. If you don't have a baby toothbrush a eyeliner brush should be able to get the job done.

Once you have removed any debris and dirt place the ring back in the water to give it a final clean. Remove the ring and rinse it well with warm water then dry the ring with a lint free cloth
if you are cleaning by the sink make sure that you cover the drain to avoid dropping and losing your ring in the drain. If you find that there is still some dirt or grim left on the ring try using a wooden tooth pick to gently easy it away then rinse again and pat dry with a lint free cloth. Don't press to hard with the toothpick though or else you might have small pieces of wood stuck in between the ring.

If you do decide to use a chemical solution to clean your ring and your ring contains more than one type of gem stone, always use the solution that is designed for the less durable stone or you could end up damaging the stone with the more abrasive and/or acidic solution.

The best way to keep you rings and jewelry clean and looking good is

*Remove them or wear protective gloves when you are using products that can damage them or working around the house.

* Keep you diamonds and pearls separate, as that diamond can scratch that pearl necklace.

* IF you can't keep jewelry separate wrap pieces of jewelry in velvet, paper, or silk.

* To reduce greasy build-up on diamond jewelry dip it in plain alcohol or vodka before soaking.
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