How to Remove Spyware From My Computer

By Vanesa Ayala

Having spyware installed on your computer can have serious precautions for you and your computer. Spyware does exactly what it suggests, it spies on you. This can be interesting for advertisers. Because by spying on you they know what kind of sites and products you like. With this information they can show the most interesting ads for you.
Spyware is very powerful software, it gives full control over your computer to the developer of the spyware program. It is as scary as it sounds. Unlike viruses, whose goal usually is to damage your computer, spyware wants to gather information from you and your computer and remain undetected. Some computers run perfectly for years with spyware installed on them.

The more dangerous spyware variants can do more then just spy on your surfing habits. For example there are spyware programs that can detect when you are entering a credit card number and send the information to an anonymous server. Once they have your credit card details, they can do with it as they please. Also passwords from some sites are very interesting for these spyware developers. Can you imagine that they steal your paypal password? Your account will be empty before you know it.

To protect yourself from spyware, you can simply install a spyware scanner. A spyware/adware scanner can scan, detect and remove any spyware/adware programs that got installed on your PC. Some of the more intelligent scanners can even scan your computer real time, preventing you from installing the spyware in the first place.
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