Hectic World, Much to Learn

By Fabian Toulouse

People seem to be running in circles. There are the kids to taxi around town, work deadlines to be met, endless errands to run, and social engagements to honor. Sure, it would be great to switch gears and go back to school, or even get some career training to improve your marketability, but it’s the same old question: who has the time? This is where distance education and correspondence courses come to fruition.

This university has been offering distance learning opportunities to millions of students over the past two decades. Indeed, Internet classes have opened up a world of learning and studying possibilities, with extensive course materials and accessible online tutorials available around the clock.

Since 1987, the distance education opportunities offered by Ashworth University’s parent school have expanded from one single trade course in real estate to dozens of programs to help students at all levels. Regardless of age, Ashworth University students can finish their high school degrees, get hands-on career training, or earn a college degree at the associate, bachelor, or masters level.

No matter how busy you are, Ashworth University can fit your schedule. A major advantage of distance education is the ability to budget your time accordingly. There are no deadlines or course schedules to adhere to – you simply work at your own pace. Snatch time to work whenever it suits your schedule—right before heading off to work, in the middle of the night, or while the kids are sleeping.

This university is a globally accredited school whose students can take their diplomas and compete in any market for better careers and higher paying positions. Without a good education it is virtually impossible to improve your financial status. Ashworth University puts you on a fast track for completing your education, and there is no deadline for enrolling. Interest-free monthly tuition payments make it far more affordable than traditional colleges and trade schools. Distance education through Ashworth University provides a world of opportunity and advantages with none of the hassles associated with traditional schools.
Fabian T.


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