Branding - The Way To Customer Loyalty

By Andy Lomax

The average consumer is hit with 1800 marketing messages every day in the offline world alone. This means his personal spam filter works overtime to keep out the barrage of advertisements that he doesn't need. So how does your product make an impact in this crowded arena? Effective branding is one way. Once a consumer has accepted your brand, your products will have the status of a trusted friend.

A brand is defined as a combination of symbols and values that lead to a successful business. In other words, your corporate and product symbols in the form of logos and slogans will become associated in the consumer's mind with satisfaction. So how do you go about branding your company and its products?

Corporate branding depends on clear, consistent communication of your corporate culture. This communication is effected through your logo, slogan, web design and content, service standards, products, and advertising. In fact, it should be apparent in every contact your company has with the marketplace. Brand development is an ongoing process which has to be continually managed like any other company asset.

So bear in mind that brand effectiveness is a dynamic concept. The time may come when an reformulation, redesign or a total overhaul of your brand is needed. Fads and fashions change fast in the wired world. New products and ideas can appear in the market out of the blue together with new channels of distribution. Your brand must adapt to keep up.

If you want to develop a new brand or change your current brand status, you might want to call in a firm of brand development consultants. These firms offer a range of brand development services. The first thing they'll do is to carry out an analysis of your brand to determine its current effectiveness. They'll also analyse the prevailing culture of the market. From this information, they'll advise on the best brand development solutions for your situation.

Other than helping your company or product stand out, branding offers many other benefits. For one thing, clearly defining your brand gives focus to your advertising, in fact to your whole marketing process. What's more, you spend less money on promotion for a product with a strong brand name. In some cases, a famous brand name is all it takes to sell the product.

Ultimately, brand development is about stamping your identity on the clutter of the marketplace and so attracting consumers. A number of brand development agencies exist to supply the brand development solutions that your company needs. Building branding loyalty translates into superior market competitiveness and ongoing repeat business.

Andy Lomax owns and runs Kudos Web Design one of the Leading Web Design companies in Manchester. He has been working within the internet industry for over 10 years and has advised hundreds of companies about their websites and online marketing strategies. Kudos Web Design provides Corporate branding.

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