Get Off The Sun Lounger - Adventure Vacations Are All The Rage!

By Russ Pooley

For some people a holiday is all about relaxing and doing very little aside from laying by the pool and chilling out. But for the adrenaline junkies of the world this is all a little, well, boring. And that’s where adventure holidays come in.

There are several adventure holiday providers, each offering various thrill seeking activities. If it has always been your dream to fly a plane then an adventure holiday could bring you one step closer to achieving it.

You can book a trial flight where you will have the chance to take the controls and actually fly the aeroplane and explore your surrounding with a birds eye view.

If flying isn’t your ambition, how about skydiving? You can make your first jump attached to an instructor or on your own, depending on how brave you feel!

Or how about paragliding? Described as “the art of soaring like a bird above the countryside or sea without a care in the world” paragliding is something everyone should experience. Courses are available for both beginners and pros.

One of the ultimate adventures is on a scuba diving holiday. Tours range from beginner to advanced, so whatever your level of experience you’re sure to find a group that accommodates your needs

If you still want to spend your holiday on a beach but want a little more activity than just sunbathing then why not try a surfers holiday. You’ll be taught the basic skills you need to ride the waves and impress your friends.

For an adrenalin-fuelled break that will really be an experience to remember, try a thrill- seeking adventure holiday.

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