How to Add Humor to Your Wedding with Funny Wedding Vows

By Kristie Leong

Who says a wedding has to be a somber and serious occasion? More and more couples are expressing their humorous sides at their wedding by writing their own funny wedding vows. Funny wedding vows run the gamut from personal little phrases cleverly inserted into their vows such as “I promise to always make chocolate cake for you” to wedding vows inspired by humorous writers, witty quotes and even Dr. Seuss.

There are some advantages to writing your own funny wedding vows. If you’re a light hearted, humorous couple known for your quick wit, why hide it just because it’s your wedding day? A somber wedding ceremony may not express who you really are. It’s your wedding day and you should have it the way you want it as a couple. A humorous wedding can create beautiful memories that you’re cherish for years to come and you’ll be able to say you had a truly original wedding. A wedding ceremony with a bit of humor is likely to put everyone in the ceremony and in the audience more at ease. It’s also likely to ease some of your own prenuptial jitters.

On the downside, a marriage is a serious commitment and you don’t want to downplay that in your wedding ceremony. It’s probably best to have short humorous clips in your wedding vows rather than making the entire ceremony funny. Make sure the humor is appropriate and unlikely to offend your guests.. This is not the time for raunchy, off color jokes, vulgar language, or inside humor. Be sure to select jokes that the audience can easily understand and appreciate.

If you want to write your own funny wedding vows, what’s the best way to approach it? The best strategy may be to sit down with your future marriage partner and recreate some of your most humorous moments together. What are your favorite jokes as a couple? What makes you laugh? Write any phrases or situations that come to mind that you’d like to share with your guests. If there are humorous books and movies that you both enjoy as a couple, consider using a quote from one of these in a clever way. Once you get started, the ideas will start flowing. If you need additional help writing your own wedding vows, there are kits and resources available online that you can help you with the writing process.

By following a few simple guidelines, funny wedding vows can help you create a meaningful and memorable wedding that will be appreciated by all and remembered for years to come.
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