10 Steps for Teens To Start Thier Own Business

By Lisa Di Clemente

Here are 10 really good tips for teens trying to make a few bucks and start their own business.

1. Get to know your neighbors. Make some flyers and walk around talking to people in your neighborhood. Most adults are looking for teens to do odd jobs for them. My dad lets the neighbor kid mow the lawn, my son walks dogs, my nephew babysits and my neighbor washes cars. A few years ago I was desperate for a babysitter, although I knew some teenagers, none of them were willing to work!

2. Be dedicated. Don't tell the lady down the street you will babysit and then decide you would rather go to the movies with your friends. Take your business seriously.

3. Take out your lip and tongue piercings, wipe off the black eye-liner, and pull up your pants so your underwear isn't showing. If you want an adult to take you seriously, look PROFESSIONAL!
4. Take your first $100 and open a bank account. Learn how to write checks and keep your account balanced.

5. Make a plan for the future! For every $5 you earn, put $1 in a jar for savings. Don't touch it! When it accumulates, open a savings account and let it accrue interest. When it gets large enough, open a mutual fund account! Be a millionaire before you are 30!

6. Read Robert Kiyosaki's book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” as summer or vacation reading.
7. Make a list of your goals. Don't let drugs, drinking, or serious dating get in your way. Stay focused, there is plenty of time to be an adult when you are an adult!

8. Make eye contact, shake hands, smile...and don't SULK! Think like a business person, not a teenager.

9. Get a cell phone. If your parents can't afford it for you, make that your first investment. You can pick up a phone without a contract now...use it for business purposes. If you have ringtone options, set it up so business calls have a different ringtone than your friends or family. That way, when a business call comes in you can turn down the music and put on your business voice.

10. Buy invoices at the office supply store. If a customer doesn't pay you right away you can write an invoice and let them know you will pick up the payment on your next visit. It lets your client know you are serious and not a pushover, and you have record of the service rendered. Be sure to mark the invoice paid in your records when they do pay you.

Lisa is a motivational single parent. She works at home and homeschools her children. She considers herself to be a pioneer in modern times.

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