Candle Wedding Favors

By L Hayes

Candles make such wonderful wedding favors. Almost everyone loves candles, so they are very much appreciated by wedding guests. There are so many choices with candles, too, not just in the candles themselves but also in the presentation of them. Here are a few tips on how to choose the perfect candle favor.

Just in size and shape, there is a vast assortment of choices. Selecting candles according to a theme will help to narrow down the choices, but there will still be a lot to choose from. You could even choose several different types or designs so your guests won't all receive the same candle.

Tea light and votive candles are great for putting in a beautiful holder. Figurines that hold the candle inside and allow the light to filter out are very nice for wedding favors. Flower shaped holders with a votive set in them are also a lovely choice.

Pillar candles make great wedding favors. Three inch pillar candles are the most popular size for this. They come in so many colors, it will be easy to match them to your wedding colors. They can be designed with your favor scent or unscented. Presentation can be in a nice little holder or in an organza bag with a book of matches embossed with the couple's names and the wedding date and a ribbon used to tie the bag closed.

Sculpted candles are a beautiful and unique choice. If more than one color is used in the wedding theme, the candles can be sculpted with all of them. These candles can be pillars or tapers. Both make wonderful wedding favors. Some sculpted candles are made with sculpted flowers that are 'glued' on. These are very beautiful and will be treasured by all the wedding guests.

Shaped candles can come in quite a variety of shapes. They can range from simple, round candles to an ornate pair of cooing doves. These candles can be selected from ready-made options or special ordered for the exact shape and colors wanted. This is a good choice for the creative bride.

Simple tapers in an elegant holder are wonderful to give as favors for more formal weddings. Though there are various sizes, six inch tapers seem to be the most suitable. They are not so tall as to be a hindrance at the table when guests are carrying on a conversation. With tapers, it is often the holder that is central to the wedding favor rather than the candle itself.

Finally, when you choose candles as a wedding favor, you are choosing a gift that will be appreciated by all your guests. It is a wonderful way to show you care and to add light to the occasion.

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