Essential Business Communication of Your Strategic Plan Delivers Ongoing Employee Motivation

By Leanne Hoagland-Smith

Would you stop watching a national playoff were the teams were tied before the winner was declared? Would you stop watching a horse race before the winning horse crossed the finish line? Of course not! Yet, many business leaders expect their employees to continue the game or the race without knowing if and when the game or race was won, loss or even a near win.

After 30 years in business focusing on performance improvement, I am still at a loss when companies do not regularly communicate progress toward the business goals as identified within the strategic plan especially when these same business leaders tell me that employee motivation is a problem. This attitude and behavior of not communicating business results negatively and directly affects the performance of all involved and is truly counter productive to achieving the desired results.

When we look at professional sports, everyone usually waits until the game is over because they want to know who won unless the game is a runaway. Even when teams are down in the last inning or in the last quarter, faithful fans stay at the arena or tuned into the television because one never knows when that grand slam or a 80 yard punt return might happen.

Is your business game any different? To ensure consistent and constant execution of your strategic plan demands essential business communication planning and skills. Business communication should be planned so that your employees are continually motivated toward achieving those business goals that you are the business leader have established.

To what purpose does it serve by not communicating the results of the current team's efforts? Are you afraid that someone may say something and reveal proprietary information? As the business leader, you can share information in a general way or use percentages such as:

This month’s sales figures show that we are on course with our strategic plan and business goals.
First quarter productivity is 10% ahead of our business goals

Your current efforts have us ahead of our strategic projections by 5%.

Top down communication from you, as the business leader, will go a long way to executing your strategic plan and motivating your employees. And if you are still resisting this strategy, then turn off the television the next time your team is barely winning in the final minutes. How do you feel not knowing what happened? Do you think that your employees feel any differently?

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