Ways To Design An Original Wedding Invitation

By Jerry Leung

Most couples know that the wedding invitation will set the tone of their wedding. As a matter of fact, a badly designed invitation will make the guests have a bad impression to the wedding. As a result, it is very important to have a really high quality wedding invitation.

However, what does the notion of high quality here refer to? Does it mean that the paper chosen should be very expensive? Or is it necessary to put very fancy ornaments onto the invitation? In most cases, if a wedding invitation reflects the wedding theme, as well as the personalities of the bride and groom, then it is an invitation card of really high quality.

This may explain why couples want to personalize the invitation. They want to make it as unique as possible. Yet some couples will find that it is not easy to make it really special and unique. Of course there is no a single formula which can make your invitation totally unique. However, you may follow some easy steps so that you can make it more special.

As discussed, your invitations should reflect your personality. If you are a person who does not really like something formal, you should not make a formal invitation card. And it is highly probably that you will host a less formal wedding as well. Of course the card may also reflect your hobbies. For instance, if both of you and your spouse love pets very much, you may take a photo with your dog and home and put it on the wedding invitation. Your guests will certainly know it is you when they receive the card.

If you are going to hire a designer to do the design, make sure you will work with the designer. You will give the designer some ideas on what you like and dislike. Of course you should also let the designer know your wedding theme otherwise he / she will not know how to design the card.
Remember not to instruct your designer. Design is a process of inspiration and exploration. The interaction between you and the designer will certainly lead to a unique and perfect design.

The wordings in the invitation are also very essential. There will be no invitation card without the wordings. When this issue is concerned, you basically have too choices. You can either use some traditional wordings or write your own. Yet in most cases I bet you will write your own since you would like to make your wedding invitation more special.

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