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By Kalyan Kumar

Krakow, the capital of Poland, is a historical city where Polish tradition and modernity come together. This city used to be the seat of kings which attracted scholars and artists from around the globe. Each year, this place accommodates more than seven million visitors. Krakow offers a unique atmosphere with its legendary Old Town and Kazimierz where one will find art and historic galleries, cafes, pubs and restaurants.

Krakow is not to be left behind in terms of the accommodation it offers to visitors all year round during peak and off-peak seasons. But since there are many hotels in the city, one really needs to search for the best bargains. Krakow has a total of 223 hotels ranging from the five-star Krakow hotels to the one-star guest rooms and lodgings. For those with the extra budget, there are several exclusive Krakow hotels to choose from while there are plenty of cheap accommodations for visitors with a limited budget. Hotel bookings in Krakow should be done early notably during peak seasons or major holidays. Reservations can be made directly, online or through a travel agency.

Hotel Orient is highly recommended by many visitors who’ve been in Krakow. This Krakow hotel is very clean, has great facilities and food. Friendly staff who can speak English man the hotel and organize tours upon request.

Globtroter has also received high ratings from visitors because of their spacious rooms as well as friendly and helpful hotel staff. The rooms are quite comfortable and offer a great view of a courtyard.

Zaczek Hotel is located near the Main Market Square where most evening parties in the pubs and discos take place. This Krakow hotel is near the Blonia field and Jordana recreational park and is about 30 minutes away from the airport. Hotel rooms vary from the single, double and triple rooms with a private bath to very affordable multi-bedded rooms. A dentist and a hairdresser likewise provide additional services at the hotel.

The Nawojka Hotel is ideally situated near Krakow’s popular universities and the Jordana recreational park where visitors can have their peace while relaxing. The hotel has single, double and quadruple rooms with bathrooms. For students, there are single, double, triple and quadruple rooms as well but with shared bathroom.

Parkhotel is in the Szyce village, a big park near the Krakow’s center. Its double rooms equipped with a television and telephone can accommodate 82 guests. For visitors wishing to just stay and eat at this Krakow hotel, there’s a restaurant and a bar open from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. The restaurant has a garden making it more attractive to hotel guests.

The Rokk Hotel is very accessible to the old town as it is only 15 minutes away. Its 57 rooms ranging from the single and double to the suite rooms have private bath, satellite television, radio, refrigerators, telephones. This Krakow hotel has its own restaurant that offers Polish and European food as well as French and Portugese wines.

Finally, the Irbis Hotel is in an ideal location fitted for social and family gatherings. Situated in the vicinity of Krakow’s historical old town, the hotel has 24 rooms (single, double and triple) which have their own bathroom, satellite TV, telephone and internet access. The hotel’s restaurant serves European, Polish and regional food.

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