Article Marketing - How to Build Your Pre-Qualified, Super Responsive List With Article Marketing

By Jeff Herring

Article marketing and I have been friends for a long time. I've used article marketing since 1994 to build my businesses. For 20 years, beginning in 1986, I was a marriage and family therapist in private practice. For 12 of those years I used article marketing as my main way of driving new clients to my practice. In a city glutted with therapists, most of whom relied on the Yellow Pages in the phone book for new clients, I became the most well known and most referred to therapist by writing a weekly column for the local newspaper.

This led to not only a full practice for me, but a full practice for others as well, as I had to do something with the overflow of clients.

The weekly article was quickly picked up by other papers both offline and online. I ended up doing relationship coaching on the phone before coaching was cool.

All this led to prospects reading my articles, liking what I had to say, and calling me ready to spend whatever I charged for relationship coaching.

Enter the Internet and Article Directories

I've given you this brief bit of history to demonstrate that article marketing works! What's really exciting is that article marketing works even more powerfully on the internet.
Which would you rather have coming to your web site -

1. A prospect who found you in the search engines or through Google Adwords (roughly the online equivalent of the phone book Yellow Pages) who is skeptical and guarded about being sold something.


2. A prospect who has read your article online, has begun to know, like and trust you, and can't wait to get to your site to find out more.

Which one would you want on your list?

That's the power of list building with article marketing.

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