Smart Moms Tips for Getting Traffic To Your Website

By Rebekah Kogelschatz

If you are new to internet businesses, you may be wondering how you get traffic to your site to increase the page ranking on the search engines or to increase sales. There many wonderful resources that are available to help you increase your “search engine optimization” including help with key words and website design that are primary in getting traffic to your site. After the basics are in place, what next? Do you sit back and wait for the customers or visitors or do you find ways to bring them to you? These three simple tips can help you increase the traffic to your site, thereby increasing hits, sales, and page rankings.

The first tip is writing articles. This is an often overlooked way of getting traffic. Most people do not pursue article writing because they are afraid to write (it brings back bad memories of high school English)! Most people can write a simple article, find someone to proof read it, or find someone to write the final draft from your ideas. You will be amazed at what you can create.

By writing articles and submitting them to article submission sites, you are increasing your traffic in two ways. First, most submission sites allow you to include your personal information and a link to your site (in fact, don’t submit to sites that don’t allow at least one link). Some allow up to three links, like People can browse the submission site for content to include on their own site, ezine, or blog. From the article site, they can click right on your link to your website and see what you have to offer. The second way to get more traffic from these articles is when these searches like what they read and include it on their site or ezine. They must include you bio with the links intact. Then those that read your article are able to click to your site from your links. This technique gives people the opportunity to find your site through a variety of pathways, all for free.

The other important part of the article submission technique are the links. Not only is your article with your site link on the article site, it is also on every site that publishes it. This is great for the search engine spiders to see that people have linked to your site and helps your page rankings.

Links are the second important tip to increase traffic and page rankings. You can include links to other sites, but it important those sites link back. Reciprocal linking is another piece search engines use to rank pages. If you have multiple sites, you should have them all linked together.
You should also find complementing sites that allow for free link exchanges or exchanges for a small fee. Then you include the link to that site on your site and they link back. This also provides more opportunities for people to find your site through other means.

The third tip is to change your website content. Websites that have content changes will increase in page rank. Be sure your website is not stagnant. Change your content every few weeks in some way, even small minor changes. Use articles you find on the article submission sites to provide some new information and ideas to your readers or write the content yourself.

Another great way to change your content frequently is to have a blog attached to your site.
Since blogs are frequently added to daily or weekly, they increase page rankings. Also, people may find and read your blog and then find your site, increasing the hits on your site. Make sure your blog is relevant and uses key words for titles and content. Not only will people want to read it, the search engines will like it to!

These three simple techniques can help to increase traffic to your site and help increase your page rankings. Internet businesses are all about your page rank and the amount of hits you receive. The higher the page rank and the higher the hits, the more likely you are to increase your sales and profit from your site.

Rebekah Kogelschatz is a stay at home with her two children in rural Florida. She is a co-founder of the site SmartMoms-SmartBusiness and the founder of a parenting resource site Heartland-Moms. You can read her blog at The Day of A Mom.

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