Making A Difference In Your Business - Ten Steps To Get You Going

By Martin Haworth

People skills, you either have them or you do not. True - up to a point. Some managers are great at getting from their people exactly what is vital and important in others, well, let's say, less so.

Still, for all there is hope to make progress, by focusing on some key points to build your business quickly and effectively, just by knowing better how to handle your people.
Here are the ten key areas you want to look at - in yourself...

Listen Well
It will come as no surprise, but the way you consciously, deeply listen to what others have to say to you is vital. Ask secondary questions.

Recognize and Take Opportunities
Any and every interaction is an opportunity for this. Make the most of every chance you have to make a positive difference to someone - try once a day to start with!

Build Positive Relationships
Whatever the stresses and strains you are under, take a deep breath when you are going to talk with someone. Your personal state makes a difference - and they notice. 'Respond' rather than 'react' - there's a difference.

Appreciate Others Efforts
People try hard to do their best. Start with that premise and you will be making a difference wherever you go. It's often not the girl-on-the-end-of-the-phone's fault - she's probably having a tough day herself. It's not the harassed shop assistant's fault. Seek to understand.

Say 'Thank You' Often and Easily
WOW!! This is one winning strategy. There is a website somewhere that says the biggest difference you can make to anyone, anytime, is to say 'Thank You'. (By-the-way, it makes you feel great too!)

See Positives In Everyone
There are positives in everyone. It is not about them, it is about you. The most aggressive and challenging person has energy! There are true positives in everyone. The best leaders find it and leverage it - for everyone's benefit.

Be Gentle To Your People
Courtesy, kindness, understanding - all words hardly befitting leading edge, tough & mean business managers. Ah, but that's where you might be wrong. Business focus can be as sharp as you like, but that still means you treat people well. By supporting them when they need support, they will support you.

Be Generous With Others
In life there are little opportunities to give. Of time; of money; to things that need your support. Rarely will you be so short on resources that you cannot afford to support, in some small way, someone else.

Accept Gratitude Back
Treat inbound thanks and gratitude well! By taking these 'gifts' in a gracious, appreciative way, you build relationships. People feel good around you too.

Recognize Yourself And Your Needs Too
Do not forget you. Making a difference is about being accepting of yourself in all of the above. Take time to appreciate you and what you do - you are a truly great person. So accept it with good grace!

Ten easy steps to move your business along. People focused, busy where you need to be. It takes time, courage and honesty to get these right. If you do, you will inevitably be successful
(c) 2007 Coaching Businesses To Success. Martin Haworth is a Business and Management Coach. He works worldwide, mainly by phone, with small business owners, managers and corporate leaders. He has hundreds of hints, tips and ideas at his website,

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