Stress Eraser - What it Stress?

By Darlene Siddons

Basically it is our perception of people, places, things and events in our lives. If we view things as a challenge, our lives are more stressful and if we tend to be more upbeat and positive we save the "big" things for the stress button. Worry creates stress and allowing daily hassles to pile up without getting them resolved also creates stress.

Stress is good….we need it to stay motivated, stimulated, helps us to face challenges and to solve problems and it keeps us alert. It is a very natural and import part of our lives, without it there wouldn't be any life at all, however, we need to learn to listen to our bodies, minds, and soul when we have switched from stress to distress.

We have all heard the "fight or flight" reaction and when our bodies tune into that, it is sending signals to our nervous system that it needs to act on quick notice, so the idea is to keep our lives manageable…..right, easy for me to say… J… here I am going to go back a little to our thoughts….stressful and negative outlook/thoughts is when we put our bodies into overreact and/or overload, it is our thoughts and feelings the we perceive and interpret that effect the body, so, our thoughts and feelings are very import components in maintaining our stress level in the "good" area and not let it get to the distress caliber.

Signs of stress are different for different people just like different peoples stress levels are different and things they view as stress are different, but the following symptoms are some of the ways you can tell if you are in stress and give you notice to do procedures to diminish it before it turns to distress:

TensionIrritabilityFeeling excessively tiredTrouble sleepingA pounding heartStomach upsetSweating palmsInability to concentrate

My life is a work in progress; my current passion is health and wellness in the arena of organic food, holistic health, natural wellness and sharing information with the physically challenged. I reside in my own personal wellness center retreat and sanctuary in California and this affords me to bring to you my wisdom, knowledge and spiritual self in my writings.

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