Adding Elegance And Beauty To Your Child's Room With Art From Alphonse Mucha

By Ty Hulse

Art Nouveau is truly appropriate as children's wall art and the art movement to get and give such warm pictures the respect they deserve, because the Art Nouveau movement was about making anything art from wall paper to posters. Alphonse Mucha helped to exemplify this wonderful new form of art, with swirling and elegant lines and flowing compositions that no matter how simple seem to breathe life into their surroundings. Mucha was a true starving artist for years, not becoming famous until 35, which helped hone and sharpen his abilities without the pressure of success hanging over him. In many ways it also makes him a truly heroic figure, someone who never gave up, who worked hard through all obstacles.

Mucha's art spans a range of emotions and compositions, while still keeping a movement and a beauty that is unmistakably his own. His painting "Polar Star" though not what you would consider standard nursery wall décor because of how dark the color scheme is, this picture has a soft and calm beauty that is ageless, a girl and flowers painted with earth tones and dark greys to blacks it can bring balance to a saturated and colorful room providing a place for the eyes to rest, while also providing a provocative and beautiful picture to study.

The Picture "Morning" helps continue this sophistication in a lighter and warmer though no more saturated picture. This painting is beautiful and unique in part thanks to its brilliant composition, showing Mucha's amazing ability to draw flowery and bright frames into his works of art. The painting itself is so warm and soft a girl surrounded by flowers like much of Mucha's work, however like all such pieces it has its own emotionality. Touching and sweet it will fit perfectly in any room including your child's, working especially well in rooms you want to give a natural feel as the flowing lines give these paintings a stunning dreamlike quality that does well in natural themed and designed rooms.

Mucha did a lot of experimentation with the way a border acts on the page, and such experiments work beautifully within as part of the nursery wall décor because these works of art are playful and energetic outside of the rectangular shape most pictures have. "Fan Design" for example is a stunning painting composed primarily in a blue circle which opens at the end and seems to drip down into the large negative space of the paper. Such a work of art would go perfect on a white wall where the negative space could blend with the wall helping push out the energy of the central image. True to form this painting too is of girls and flowers, yet its spiral composition makes it uniquely beautiful, and turns it into one of the most sophisticated of Mucha's paintings. In a pink room such a work of art would go very will on the walls with a wide border of negative white space which would turn into a light blue to contrast the surroundings while staying true to the emotionality that a pink room typically tries to achieve. Such perfection of design for decorating a kids room likely comes from the fact that Mucha's art was designed is such a way to be the perfect décor to lighten and warm our lives in any room.

Ty Hulse is a children's artist and psychologists who runs the web site where you can browse new and interesting art for children, nursery decor or get custom works designed for your child's room.

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