College Speaking Success - Dating, Relationships, & Sexuality

By Paul Davis

As a love coach who has traveled to over 50 countries and 6 continents counseling singles and couples, I have been privileged to cross-culturally interact with people throughout the earth. I have come to learn that we all have the same basic needs and inner longings.

Each of us inwardly yearns for meaningful relationship, recognition, affirmation, and personal expression. We are social creatures that inherently need one another. This is how we are wired. To neglect or deny such is to live a mediocre life in isolation and misery.

Of course we all have been disappointed at some time relationally, but we don't have to sabotage our future love life by reason of our past pain. We can forgive and live; let go and enter a new life flow. As we do new blessings and wonderful people shall come into our life.

Being transparent and vulnerable is quite natural for children. However once we've been hurt and bruised, it is easy to erect walls. My job as a love coach and counselor is to help people again feel valuable, special, and live freely.

Fear many times grips our hearts when we are wounded relationally. After such a devastating experience it is natural that we are more guarded and careful before bearing our hearts with someone. Yet this simultaneously hinders our ability to deeply connect with people as we instead seek to protect.

It is my belief that connection is more important than protection. Of course we must protect ourselves from bodily harm and danger, but as it applies to our emotions, I feel it is better for us to be in circulation and freely embrace meaningful interaction.

Only than shall we enjoy life and love. Live and love fearlessly so you don't have to ever live with regret. Second guessing yourself and others is exhausting. Just simply communicate what you are feeling so everything is clear and people know how you feel. When you do those who aren't meant for you will move on and those who are predestined for you will serendipitously come to you!

Trust me I have applied, walked, and lived out these principles unto fruition. I have been broken hearted, hurt, demoralized, and seemingly despised. Yet in my own eyes I always have inwardly upheld myself and moved forward fearlessly and happily. Hence good things and marvelous people always come into my life to celebrate me!

I wish the same unconditional love and happiness for you! Let it begin within you as you give it unto yourself first and teach the world how to treat you!

Celebrate you today and don't let the past get in your way!

You are special, valuable, and a precious treasure!

Paul captivates students, transcends their limitations, & brings transformation!
Among the most popular topics Paul is asked to speak on are:

  • Diversity Celebration, Ethnic Understanding, & Education Without Borders
  • Dating & Relationships / Love & Sexuality / Overcoming Disappointment
  • Career Development, Entrepreneurship, & Riding The Waves of Change
  • Nutrition & Health / Substance Abuse Prevention & Liberation from Addiction
  • Peacemaking & Non-Violence / Democracy & Foreign Policy / Author Tours & Debates
  • Paul is the author of 12 books, 2 have been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

Paul's compassion for people has taken him to over 50 countries & 6 continents empowering people to live their dreams!

Paul worked at Ground Zero in NYC during 9/11; helped rebuild a home at the tsunami epicenter; comforted victims of genocide in Rwanda; comforted leaders in East Timor during the war; inspired students in Myanmar; spoke throughout India, China, Pakistan, & parts of Africa where they've never seen a white man.

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