Amazing Gadgets - Solar Charger For Your Cell Phone

By Glyn Farber

Personal preparation for loss of power caused by national disasters such as hurricanes, summer heat, winter ice storms, etc. should also include a solar charger for your cell phone. Many sources recommend that a personal emergency plan due to national disasters should include a disaster supply kit. This kit should include enough food, water and emergency supplies for at least 3 days. Great advice especially since hurricane Rita and Katrina when power was off line for weeks in some area's of Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

When a national disaster occurs the only communications with the outside world may be a cell phone. This is especially true when you are fleeing a national disaster. Your cell phone battery won't last very long due to the high volume of calls you may be making and receiving from family members. What is needed is a solar powered charger for your cell phone.

Not all solar cell phone charger are alike. Some will only work on a particular cell phone model or come with the connector designed for certain cell phones. Other solar cell phone chargers come with a variety of connectors that will work on most Cell Phones, PDA's, Palm's, Blackberry, iPod, MP3 players etc. Still other come with a variety of connectors, plus an AC charger for your home and a car charger for alternative charging of the solar charger's internal battery. AC chargers and car chargers not only charge the solar charger battery but also the Cell Phone battery. In most cases this can be done and still use the cell phone.

To charge the battery in the Solar Charger, simply open the cover and face the charger in the direction of the sun. It usually takes about 3 to 5 hours to fully recharge the Solar Charger battery depending on the concentration of sun light.

Set your cell phone free from it's dependency of the power companies. A Solar Cell Phone Charger is an innovative idea. Shop where you can find the largest selection of Solar Powered Charger for your Cell Phone, at our new web site Where you can - Find what you want in 30 minutes or less!

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