Develop And Use Systems For Maximum Success

By Enoch Tan

The key to maximum success in everything lies in the use of systems. Some people achieve success in an unpredictable manner where they do not know exactly how it happens but sometimes they make it and sometimes they don't. Mastery is when you have refined the way you do things to a point where you have a particular way that works best for you every time you use it. That way of doing things is a system that produces consistent, reliable and optimal results. Systems are discovered and created.

If you want to become the best in what you do, you must develop and use a system that enables you to produce your best results. The aim of all effort towards success is to experiment, discover and refine particular ways of doing things that gets you the best results. This is what the best players who aim to play their best all the time keep doing. Winning is not a one time thing, it is an all time thing. Success that cannot be replicated at will is not true success. You are truly successful when you can repeat.

The entire universe is a system of systems. There is a logos or logical system for everything. All things are processes. Working on the process instead of the outcome is key to success. When you discover the system of an area of life, you become enlightened to the way things work in that area. Everything in life has a formula. There is a formula for wealth, health, relationship, self growth, enjoyment and spirituality. When you discover the formula or logos in any area, you can achieve success in that area.

There is a general system for everything, but the key to achieving the best results that you can have for yourself is to make the system your system. It is the specific way that you do each part of a process and the unique way that you make it all work together for you, that turns a system into your own. The system becomes personalized. A great musician can take a particular song and play it in a way that couldn't be compared with the original composer. It is because he takes the song and makes it his own.

The process to succeeding in business takes a significant amount of time before it happens. That is because you are working to create a system that works for you. All it takes is one missing piece for the whole system to fail. You need to learn all the things that are necessary to set the foundation in place for the system to operate upon. When the time comes where everything falls into place, that's when the wealth starts generating properly. That's when the business really starts to take off and move up.

Incomplete development of a system is the reason why people keep trying so hard over a period of time and still seem to be failing to achieve the kind of results that they desire. No matter how long it takes, it will never happen until they finally learn all the key components and integrate them together to make the system operate with optimal profitably. The secret is not to give up, but to keep on working at it until you figure every part that is needed to make the entire system flow together successfully.

The same thing applies to life as well. You probably find yourself gaining knowledge and coming to a place where everything is working well for you at the given moment because of your newfound awareness, but then it all falls apart again at the next moment. Sometimes it just makes you wonder what the heck is going on. You may have gained some workability in creating certain experiences you desire for awhile. But you either can't sustain, repeat or take it to the next level no matter how much you try.

The reason is because you still haven't possessed the rest of the awareness you need for it to happen. As you keep learning and growing, you will keep getting more and more pieces of the puzzle so that you are able to acquire better and better mastery in different areas of life for creating your desired reality. This realization is the answer to the mystery of ups and downs in the journey of life. Your life will get better and better when you keep picking yourself up in those areas that you have fallen and walk on.

There is an Asian Bamboo species that even after five years of watering, weeding and fertilizing is barely visible. Then in a span of about six weeks it grows two and a half feet a day to 90 feet and higher. It grows so fast that you can literally "hear" it growing. Obviously it grew 90 feet in five years, not six weeks, for all the time when growth wasn't visible it was developing a massive root system that would later support it's magnificent growth. Much of your life's work is development of systems to self actualize.

Use systems to run things for you with minimum effort. Much of the workings of the universe operate automatically by law. This is how higher intelligence is able to do an incredible amount of wonders. It has everything in place so that it does not have to personally intervene in every area all the time. You have to work like the universe to be as abundant and effortless like it. The key to effortless, continual and massive increase of wealth is automation. A system can confine you but it can also free you greatly.

Some things you think about, other things you don't. In order to stop thinking about some things, you need to spend some time thinking about them so you needn't think about them again. Have a system of doing things so you can make a thousand decisions without need for thinking. The more you create things that can run on their own without direct effort from you, the more you are working smarter instead of harder. Systems enable you to do things in a much more efficient, effortless and productive way.

You must create a system or be enslaved by another man's. Do not reason and compare, your business is to create. Create a system that has variations so that it will not be too predictable, routine and uninspiring. A system that is not open to variation will fail in situations of chaos. A system is never one thing but a combination of all those things working together. Sometimes those from outside the system are the ones ideally suited to fixing the system. Be inside and outside of your system for the best use.

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