Exploring Spain's Stunning City of Barcelona

By Rhiannon Davies

The stunning Spanish coastal city of Barcelona is famous as a lively, dynamic, beautiful and thrilling location, which makes it a favourite with holidaymakers as well as those looking to live abroad.

If you've never experienced Spain or you've yet to experience the best European city break destinations, Barcelona comes highly recommended.

Because of the city's location you can also use Barcelona as a base to explore the Spanish Mediterranean coastline, cities such as Madrid, Valencia and Seville, and you can also easily travel from Barcelona to the ski resorts of the Pyrenees and the Andorran or French countryside.

Barcelona benefits from having some of the best city transport links in Europe - it is a busy port town, it has a sophisticated international airport, national and continental rail links and a decent road network as well.

These are all points in the city's favour as a starting point for further exploration of the delights around Barcelona - but what about the attractions of the city itself?

Well, architecturally speaking Barcelona has it all - it is world renowned for its modernistic Gaudi structures and yet it is also famous for its Gothic and Art Nouveau architecture too. Within the city there are museums, galleries, art centres, cinemas, theatres, concert venues and shopping malls - and within a stone's throw of the city centre you have the beach and amusement parks for all the family to enjoy.

As you can no doubt tell already, there is more to Barcelona than can be experienced and enjoyed in a weekend break! In fact, it's fair to say that Barcelona is a city to be savoured which is probably why it's becoming a popular destination for those who want to live and work abroad and experience a new life, new languages and new cultural horizons.

So, if you're interested in seeing more of Spain and Europe, you'd like to live and work abroad, learn about the Spanish culture and enjoy the fantastic standard of living and way of life in Barcelona, why not consider basing yourself in the city, getting a short term employment contract, finding a rental apartment and having a long working holiday in Barcelona?

Rhiannon Davies writes about living and working abroad, to read more about living and property in Spain and Barcelona visit her site ShelterOffshore.com

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