High Income With No Investment

By Melvin Polatnick

Having a degree as a guidance counselor is no guarantee that its holder will have the ability to help others. Many times the person with the degree will need guidance themselves. If they felt confident in their ability to guide others they would not waste precious time going to college. But would become very wealthy at an early age. That is what I like most about being a Life skills coach there is no diploma or certification needed to get into this business, the only thing that counts are results.

There are people that are born leaders. They are blessed with a sense of direction that is unshakable. Even if they chose not to be financially or socially successful that earthly focus is still with them. Some have decided to become a Life Skills Coach to help those that have lost their way. They know that they have innate abilities, and don't need certification from people who sell their diplomas to anyone that can afford to buy one.

The Life skills Coach has many enemies. Most are college graduates that don't want to see people giving guidance without paying their dues. Some of those graduates have spent over eight years in college and have paid over one hundred thousand dollars to earn a diploma. They feel that they alone should have the opportunity to sell their guidance. Our sympathy is with them, but it is wrong to interfere with a business person who has a natural talent to help others without having a diploma.

To those that have a natural talent to help the bewildered and misled there is a calling for you.
Print up some business cards stating your title as a Life Skills Coach and pass them out to people you believe need your help. Many after looking into your eyes will instinctively understand that you can help them. Also put a small add in your local newspaper stating your specialty. It might be helping people stop smoking or any other bad habit. You will soon have your appointment calendar filled. There is no large investment in this small business, it can be run from your home with the kitchen table as your desk.

If you can help just a few people quit smoking or lose weight those happy people will tell others about your talents. Even without a diploma or certification you will be recognized. Most of all, you will be your own boss in a successful business, and will have earned the right to call yourself a Life Skills Coach.


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