Internet Marketing - Why is Web 2.0 Essential to Your Business?

By Daegan Smith

How many popular sites do you know? Do you have any reasons why they became what they are today? Web sites such as Flickr, Propeller, Digg, MySpace, StumbleUpon are the only few of the many sites popping all over Internet. Most of these sites tag any kind of content like audio, video, graphics, articles, photos, etc. The difference with these social bookmarking sites to a conventional search where you acquire inclusive results for key words, these sites produce results based upon what other people labeled and have crated their popularity by casting their votes. If your Internet marketing business uses Web 2.0, you'll likely gain a lot of members thereby increasing your profits.

How Web 2.0 improves your business?
Social interaction and bookmarking sites marked as Web 2.0 also include wikis, podcasting sites, blogging, and video sites. So what makes these sites used by a good number of people? Those sites differ from the rest because the content in them can all be user generated. Just like Flickr and Facebook. Like what happened to YouTube, when it was purchased by Google, the number of people who visit has greatly increased. Sites such as BlinkList,, or Scuttle allow you to tag web pages, blog posts and any other written content. Google Video and Flickr allows you to share your photos to other members of these sites.

How Web 2.0 works for your business?
For example, when you visit a Web 2.0 site and you observed a blog entry, do you notice that at the end of the post, there is a bookmarking button? When you become a member of sites like this one, you are required to complete your profile and allow you to post anything unless it breaks the site's rules. After your post, do you notice you are obliged to describe your post and tag the fitting keywords? Yes, that's how it basically works. When people look for information in search engines, tags are generally helpful. People find immediately the written content they may be looking for. In addition, what makes this sites so cool is that they are open to anyone who views them. Moreover, if you don't want any other people who can view your content, you could possibly do so by setting your profile to private.

Applying Web 2.0 to you Internet marketing business
Web 2.0 is indeed an amazing marketing method for your Internet marketing business. If you create your own Web 2.0 site, make sure your rules are properly imposed by all members so it continues to run and attract more people into visiting it. Or, if you wish to start your own internet marketing business immediately without creating your own Web 2.0 site, you may tag your posts and that of the others. Just make sure you follow the rules so you won't be banned from the site. When people look for key words and have found any of the words you tagged, they'll see your products and services. If these people purchase any one of what you sell, then you generate sales. What's more, it doesn't cost you anything. Thus, when you go about joining an Internet marketing business, make sure you are using Web 2.0. There are many people who seem so far at making their online business successful. That's because they are not using Web 2.0. Make sure you're not one of them. is an Expert Online Marketer "Learn How To Make $85,147,717 Per Month While Quickly AndEasily EXPLODING Your Network Marketing Organization by 7,141 People Without EVER Buying Or Calling a Single Stinking Lead?" Get Your Free MLM Wealth CD Now!

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