Improve your Google Page Rank Part I

By Mark Fortimer

If you can improve your Google Page rank then you will have a sure-fire way of improving your listing position. Google states very clearly that their PageRank and your link density is a very important part of how they decide your listing position for any keyword.

There are steps you can take to improve that and use an approximation to the Google PageRank formula to calculate how successful you are being. However, no one really knows what is required to get from one page rank figure to the next. If it takes 10 linking points to get a page rank at all, it will likely take a lot more to get from 1 to 2. It might take hundreds of thousand to get from 5 to 6, but many sites seem to get to page rank 3 and then stop.

Page rank is a measurement of the relative number of links to your webpage and the importance of the sites making these links, compared to the number of links leaving your web page. Page rank is what it says. It is a ranking of your web pages, not your whole website. This is particularly useful since it lists individual pages on your website, not the whole website.

These links need not be from outside sources, since internal page linking also counts. If one of your pages is linked to your home page, your home page gets a share of that page’s rank. The share decreases for each other page that the page in question is linked to. Each page in your website starts off with a page rank of 1. That then increases or reduces according to your internal linking strategy, and it is possible to design that strategy to provide as much PR as possible to one or more pages in your website.

Once you have optimized your internal links, you should then try to achieve as many links back to your website as possible from other websites. Keep in mind that you should try to get other web pages to link to specific pages on your site, that you have chosen either for their relevance to the keyword in question, or because that is the page that you want to get listed highest in Google.

Also keep in mind that websites with a very good page rank on their home page might be providing you with a link from a page deep in their site that has a very low PR, or even zero. A links page, for example, with only one link to the page but a hundred out will provide with next to no benefit. If the link is reciprocated, you could be giving that website more page rank points than you are getting back.

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