Why Aren't You Using Distance Learning?

By Nic Haffner

Today most established persons have a thrilling schedule as well as an almost endless list of responsibilities and obligations. How can people living under such conditions ever be able to take any kind of education? The answer is: distance learning. More and more people are turning to this way of learning for increasing their education level.

There are lots of institutions that currently provide distance learning courses, and although quality may vary, advancing your education could never hurt. There are many diverse types of distance learning courses that both traditional and non-traditional students are using to fit education into their hectic lifestyle. In other words this is a form of education that has flexibility as it's main purpose by connecting instructors and students across a large distance. However, the format and scheduling used can have a considerable impact on the learning cognition.

E learning courses are nothing but distance learning courses conducted online or from the internet. One of the big benefits of e learning courses is that they are considered to be 'open study' courses. This means that the student is responsible for getting online and finding the information and readings he or she find necessary on their own time, instead of having to meet for class at a predetermined time or location.

Some of these distance learning courses even require students to commute to a classroom on a nearby campus where they will get instruction and lectures indirectly. The most common format is a classroom with a TV monitor that is either connected to a live feed where the teacher resides, or an already recorded lesson is played. Many towns and cities with mid to large colleges, will broadcast destinct classes over public access channels so that students can receive lectures and class information from the comfort of their own home. One benefit of broadcasting lessons over public access television is that with a VCR or Tivo, you can record the lesson and watch or rewatch it in your own pace. This is especially valuable when parts of the lesson is hard to grasp and you need time to understand a particular point. Having lessons recorded can be a valuable asset especially when studying for a test since you can watch the actual lecture again and again as long as you need to understand each point.

Although distance learning has caught on and is widely used by non-traditional students who have day jobs and a busy lifestyle, many high schools are taking advantage of this kind of learning as well. One reason for this is because the high schools can gain access to extremely skilled and knowledgeable teachers through distance learning courses thus does not have to hire one. It can even give high schools the opportunity to offer specialized classes and develop high caliber programs that can delve deeply into a particular field. This is especially useful for rural school districts that may have difficulty attracting and paying for the best teachers, but with distance learning classes, they can provide their students with instruction from the best available instructors.

The increasing availability of distance learning courses is allowing a lot of people to attain or finish a degree or become certified. Many people who would not have been able to do so without this option. As more and more people become used to the internet and the need for skilled workers increases, rest assured that distance learning will become even more dominant.

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