6 Tips for Panic Attacks

By Neil Williamson

These are perceived to be dangerous when unchecked. It’s a condition wherein someone experiences a heightened sense of anxiety for various reasons. Most of the time, panic attacks come when a person feels death is eminent or shocking news they can’t easily get over with. It will usually last for 30 minutes maximum but could be disabling if left unchecked. Here are some tips for panic attacks to help you cope up with the patient.
  • Deep breathing – this is one of the basic tips for these attacks since one of the known symptoms of the panic attacks is they breathe faster and in a shallow manner. With deep breathing, they will calm their senses especially their heart beat will return to normal. High blood pressure may also be address only by deep breathing.
  • Sit Straight - Proper posture is always a must of panic attacks. It’s also one of the general tips for panic attacks that you have to relax your body including your internal organs. This will not happen if you’re sitting in slouched position. Your lungs, heart and other internal organs will be pressured and you can’t breathe well. Sit up straight to give them more free space to move.
  • Change the circumstances – A panic attack is somehow triggered by an event or when you’re thinking too much of something bad. Ward this off by changing your state of mind. Among the tips for panic attacks so far, this one may be easy for some but extremely difficult for others. If you find someone suffering an attack, do him or her favor by changing the mood of the place. Even a glass of water calms people down and will subside the attack.
  • Write the cause and cure of panic attack – The even with a thousand tips for panic attacks can’t match the prevention that you can do. Since the cause for panic attacks is different from one person to another, you have to write down the circumstances that happened to the attack and avoid them as much as possible. Also write down the cure or the activity that you did that calmed you down.
  • Look for a support group – this will give you the confidence of addressing your concerns. Experts on this field will always be there to help you prevent and cure the problem when it happens.
  • Look for a help line – if you can’t find a support group, there’s always a helpline that you can call at anytime of the day. You can talk to them about what’s going on your head and they can talk you out of your anxiety. Sometimes, you just need to talk to somebody to assure you that things will be alright.

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