Learning How to Play Guitar - Choosing the Right Guitar

By Derek Cockrum

The first step to learning how to play guitar is to actually have a guitar in your possession. Of course, there are so many brands and models of both electrics and acoustics that it is difficult for the new player to know what to buy. Many beginners go with what their friends, family members, or favorite guitar players have, only to find they are not happy with their equipment. In reality, the best way to choose the right guitar is to find the guitar that is right for you.

The following tips can help make buying your first guitar much easier:

Get the best guitar you can afford. Better instruments sound better and play easier, so you are more likely to practice. If your instrument is clunky, easily falls out of tune, or sounds bad, you will have a difficult time determining whether you are making any progress. You will also have difficulty matching notes with any instructor, whether live or recorded, which will increase your frustration with learning how to play guitar. Remember that a good instrument will not make a bad player sound good, but a bad instrument can make a good player sound bad.

Know your budget. Before you start looking for that perfect first guitar, you need to know how much you can reasonably spend on a guitar. Know what you can afford for a down payment, as well as what you could possibly afford in monthly payments because most retailers offer payment plans. If you buy a guitar that doesn't fit your budget range, you will be more worried about how to pay for it than how to play it. When talking with the guitar salesperson, let them know what your budget is upfront. They will then be able to more easily guide you to the right guitar when they know your spending limits.

Buy a guitar that you like. If you are not happy with your guitar, you will be less likely to actually play it. Look for guitars that appeal to you, both in color and design. The more you like the way your guitar looks, the more you will want to actually touch it, and touching the guitar leads to your learning how to play guitar.

Acoustic Or Electric? One of the biggest questions for any aspiring guitar player is whether to buy an electric or an acoustic guitar. Acoustic guitars are often the best choice for learning how to play guitar because they do not have the gadgets and shortcuts found on electric guitars. An acoustic guitar forces players to actually learn how to play guitar notes and chords, as well as produce the right sound, without any help. In addition, an acoustic requires no amplifier or electricity, and is more portable, making it easier to practice anytime, anywhere.

Finding the right guitar does not have to be difficult, but it does require that you take the time to think about what is best for you. By knowing exactly what you can afford, and then buying the best and most attractive guitar in your price range, you will have an easier and more enjoyable time learning how to play guitar.

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