Find Tattoo Styles That Work On Your Body Type - Five Best Designs

By Adam Woodham

Finding tattoo styles that work on your body type can be a real pain, but here are the five top designs for different body types, which work well on a wide range of people, while looking great.

Tattoo styles are constantly changing. While this is always going to happen, you should not pick a tattoo simply because it is the hot trend today. You are going to have the design on your body for a very long time, so you should not settle on something just because everybody else is doing it. You want your tattoo to be original, right? Keep this in mind when selecting the right tattoo styles for you body.

Now we will get right to the good stuff. Remember, you should always take your time to pick the perfect tattoo styles. Never, ever settle on something just because you don’t want to sift though all of the available tattoo styles that will look good on your body type.

New School Tattoo Styles – You might have seen these on people. This is the modern version of old anchor and swallow type tattoos. The old sailor type tattoos are now making a comeback and there is so much that you can do to these to make them an original work of art. Even women are getting these types of tattoos now and placing them strategically on heir necks.

Japanese Kanji Tattoo Styles – These are mostly seen as a “full sleeve”, covering men and women’s arms. These are some of the most beautiful tattoo styles out there and they look great on men and women. The most popular Kanji type design happens to be the Koi Fish.

Floral and Heart Tattoo Styles – These have been around for generations, but it seems as if they are making a strong comeback and are one of the sexiest tattoo styles. New School tattoo artist are now making their own designs and a new style of floral and heart tattoos have been born.
Don’t settle for the pictures on the wall of a tattoo shop, because those are outdated. You can find all of the new school designs on various tattoo websites.
Tribal Tattoo Styles – The tribal tattoo has been around forever, way before your grandparents were even born. They are much more complicated designs than they were back then, so you have an enormous amount of tribal styles to choose from. Many people are now getting tribal tattoo styles in color, instead of just using black or green.

Star Tattoo Styles – The days of getting a plain star tattoo on your stomach are coming to an end. Half of the people that got these tattoos don’t even know exactly what they mean; they just thought they looked “cool”. There are now better, more extensive designs available, so you can really stand out in a crowd with an original star tattoo.

You should always take your time and pick out your tattoo styles carefully. Spend as much time as you need than selecting the perfect design. You should also never get a tattoo on impulse.
Your best bet is to find five or six of your favorite designs and bring them to your tattoo artist.
He or she can then restructure them to your liking and you can pick from multiple original tattoos. This way, you will be assured that your tattoo styles are original and you will be the only person with that design.

Want to know where to find the largest, most original website to browse tattoo styles?
Adam Woodham is the author of this article and runs the blog Art Tattoo which features the 3 top websites with the absolute largest gallery of tattoo styles you will ever see. Finding the perfect tattoo has never been easier.

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