Wedding Favors For A Green Wedding

By L Hayes

If you are holding a "green" or eco-friendly wedding, there are several wedding favors that you can provide for your guests that they will love. They include things such as:
- Bottled spring water with waterproof personalized favor labels.

- An energy efficient light bulb which has an applied label containing the bride and groom’s wedding day information on it attached to the packaging.

- Small recyclable bottles of bubble solution which contains a non-toxic "green" soap formula. A card made of recycled stock printed with soy-based ink containing the bride and groom's name and wedding date can be tied to each small bottle.

- Certificates showing that a donation in the name of "The friends of Mr. and Mrs. …" has been made for something like the planting of a seedling to aid in reforestation, etc. Again, the particulars of the wedding can be included as a memento that a common cause has been supported on this special day.

- Small, eco-friendly items like tissue packs, lip balm, bubble bath, etc. which the wedding guests may take home with them.

- Recyclable mugs with the couple’s name's and wedding date printed on it.

- Small scented soy or other eco-friendly candles (which have the advantage of burning cooler, and longer) in glass containers etched with the couple’s wedding day information. The containers may be reused after the original votive is gone.

- Packets of organic seeds which may have personalized labels attached.

- Copies of tasty recipes made with organic, vegetarian, or vegan-useable ingredients.

- Bio-degradable pens made of corn and soy based components. In the event that it is ever lost outside, it will biodegrade completely and cause no harm to the environment.

- Flower bulbs tucked into an attractively textured bag. You can make them from unbleached muslin, hand-dyed jute or burlap, and stencil a monogram or a picture of the flower in front.
In conclusion, finding eco-friendly or "green" wedding favors may take a little more work to find, but they are out there if you are willing to invest just a little bit more time.

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