A Day In The Life Of A Traveling Nurse

By Gordon Bryan

Asking what a day in a life of a traveling nurse is like, is similar to asking how long a piece of string is! It's a hard enough question to ask for any nurse, let alone of you add traveling into the mix...

Of course for a lot of people who go into travel nursing, that's exactly the point! They like the adventure of not knowing what they'll be doing or where they'll be, it keeps them from going stale.

A travel nurse could have a fairly quiet time doing admin work, or working with convalescents, or they may be in the hectic environment of emergency wards.

Naturally those are extremes, and a travel nurse won't end up in either by chance - at the end of the day it is the nurse's job to pick the next assignment, and if they have a good agency, they'll get offered what they asked for by and large.

The job could be in any part of the country or around the world, so the working day may be shifted according to time zones! If you're on a cruise ship, (remember no cruise ship can leave port without medical provision), you may have to constantly change time zones!

Speaking of cruise ships, some of them are monsters nowadays, with thousands of guests on board, and their medical facilities can be state of the art, with the staff seeing many more patients than they would at a land based job!

Some nurses choose the traveling option to deliberately expand their skills and horizons, they want as many new things as possible. Others, surprising as it may seem, don't like the travel at all - they only choose it because of the benefits that can come from good agencies, and what they'd prefer is for every day to be the same (as much as it ever can be the same for a nurse!)

So to sum up, it may sound glib to say that the day of a traveling nurse is made up just how she wants it to be, but it's pretty much true, with a vast range of different opportunities available.

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