The Wonders of American Herbal Products

By Mike Selvon

American herbal products are a great way for the western civilizations to become actively involved in the herb craze. So many of the herbs that are on the market today can be found only in foreign countries, but if one does a small amount of research on the internet, they will find that two popular herbs originated right in the United States and can be found growing abundantly in certain areas of the nation.

One of the best known American herbal products on the market is echinacea. This type of wildcrafted herbal products is native only to the southwestern United States. It grows openly in fields and very rocky soils.

The medicine that this particular type of American herbal products comes from the gorgeous purple flowers that thrive in this barren soil. These particular ones have been studied extensively in Europe especially for their holistic healing.

The Plains Indians used this native plant to ensure that ailments such as colds, various infections, and inflammations were cured. The herb is still very valued for its health care purposes, and a person can buy herbal products that contain echinacea almost everywhere herbal products are sold.

Another type of these products that people use on a yearly basis is the aloe vera plant. Although this plant is not unique to the American landscape, they can be found in many American homes today. Aloe vera is one of the great herbal products beauty experts recommend a person use.
Not only does these particular ones offer relief against the harshest of sunburns, but its moisturizing powers are second to none.

The aloe verbal plant is easy to grow, and if needed quickly, one can just snip off a piece of the leaves and rub the jelly like substance on the affected skin. These American herbal products can also help with bug bites. If a person finds a supplement combined with aloe vera, then they can feel good knowing that these ones are ones that also aid in herbal constipation relief.

American herbal products can be found in many forms, however, the most well known are usually echinacea and aloe vera. Even though many different ones are on the market, these two can help with almost anything from colds to bug bites. Even beauty herbal products contain these American herbs, and anyone can benefit from them.

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