Tips For Wedding Invitation Wording

By Yolanda Nash

Your wedding is one of the most exceptional days of your life and you want everything to run smoothly; from the pictures to the dresses, to the band and the food at the reception; it all has to be just perfect. Your perfect and ideal wedding doesn’t begin at the altar. It begins long before the signature day and many decisions have to be made to make it the dream wedding you have fantasized about since you were a child. Sending out just the right invitation is a large part of the preparations for your most special day.

In the modern world, there are many types of blended families and finding the right wedding invitation wording to please everyone may be difficult. Wedding etiquette will advise the proper wording for your wedding invitation depending upon who is hosting the event.

Most wedding invitation wording is pretty basic. It typically begins with “the honor of your prescience is requested.” What comes after that solely depends on who is considered the host of the wedding. Wedding invitation wording will be different if the wedding is being presented by the bride and groom, the family of the bride, the bride and groom and both of their families, the groom’s family, or a wedding hosted by parents that are divorced. You may also want to address the issue of wording a wedding invitation that includes one or more parents who are deceased.

You can speak to a wedding planner about this or you can search on the internet to find just the right wedding invitation wording for your special day. You will find many sites that are dedicated to making your wedding invitation not only have the proper wording for your situation, but something unique that will reflect the individuality of the bride and groom.

The wording of your wedding invitation will also depend on how formal or how casual you want the event to be. You can decide the type of font you want used and whether to utilize roman numerals. Wording for invitations may also depend upon the venue you have decided to use for the ceremony.

There are many things to be considered when choosing the wedding invitation that reflects you and your prospective mate’s unique personality. When you go searching for wedding invitations, you will be presented with a wide range of choices of headings, paper quality and service. Find out all you can about the proper way to word a wedding invitation for your special circumstances that will please everyone who is involved.

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