Internet Dating Online - Don't Make These 3 Mistakes

By Daryl Campbell

To say that online dating is changing the relationship process is an understatement. While no one believes that it will completely replace the offline meeting places of bars, nightclubs and everyday environments, the benefits of internet dating online are quickly surpassing the traditional dating rituals. From the privacy of your own computer, you can specify the exact type of person you are looking for, get a plethora of individuals to choose from and chat extensively to find out if the two of you have compatibility. If not then you move on the next one. All without having to buy more drinks or waste gas.

Is it really possible to find that special someone? According to Online Dating Magazine there are now over 120,000 marriages per year that are a direct result of online dating. If you are looking for a long term relationship, dating online can be a terrific resource. However like anything else, it must be used properly. That is why you must do your best to avoid the following mistakes:

1. Insistence
You are anxious to meet the other person. They on the other hand are taking it a bit more slowly. While it is possible to find a happy median, being too aggressive is not the way to go. It can come across as obnoxious and scary. Insistence on arranging a face to face meeting may cause the other person's alarm to go off. In turn, they might come to the conclusion that it is better to be safe than sorry and cutoff all contact with you. Play it smart and be patient.

2. Perfection...NOT!
The word perfection should only apply to taking an exam. When it comes to relationships there is no such thing, No matter how long or hard someone tries to get something perfect it will never happen. You do the best you can and move on. If you expect perfection out of your self you are going to run into occasional disappointments but expecting flawlessness from a potential online dating partner is a formula for disaster. The other person is not going to answer all of your questions exactly like you want them to because there is no such thing as one hundred percent compatibility. Expecting perfection is not realistic and you are only setting yourself up for a failure if you want to go that route. Online or off you must be ready to accept the humanity of the other person and that includes their difference of opinion on certain topics.

3. Lying
No matter how small or insignificant you consider it, lying is still lying and trying to build a relationship on it spells trouble. Yes you want to make your dating profile and your online chats interesting but you can do that without deceiving the other person. One of the great positives and negatives of online dating is the anonymity it provides. Some people have taken that to mean they can exaggerate or tell a blatant falsehood when it suits them. Guess what? In the overwhelming majority of cases, the truth always comes out. So be straight with the other person. After all, you would not be thrilled if you found out they were also lying.

Online dating has so much to offer and it can be lot of fun as long as you keep certain things in mind. Stay away from being overly aggressive, expecting perfection from the other person (and yourself) and lying about who you really are. Keep these things in mind and just maybe you will find that special someone in cyber space.

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